Bendy and the Ink Machine: How to Save Your Progress (BUG Fixed)

If you encountered a bug and your game progress has not been saved, this guide will help you!
Start a new game
First of all, make sure to click on NEW GAME before you start playing.
Don’t start with SELECT CHAPTER or you aren’t gonna be able to save your game at all.

Next, when you exit and come back to your game again, press CONTINUE.
DO NOT click on SELECT CHAPTER or all the progress you’ve made will be lost!

Keep an eye on Bendy (BUG)
Frequently check your down right corner of the screen because sometimes game just stops saving progress. In this case, you don’t lose your entire file but rather a part of it.

If you see Bendy icon flashing rapidly on your screen for a minute or two instead of disappearing into the abyss then that’s the reason why you start so far behind from the last save.


Simply restart the game once you see it (NOTE: restart from Steam, not Main Menu).
You may lose some progress, depending on how quickly you noticed the glitch, but at least you’ll be able to save again.

Save manually
The game will save your progress from time to time but I’d recommend doing it manually. Copy your not corrupted save file for a backup option just in case.

UPDATE: save file
Here’s my save file with completed game in case nothing from this guide worked for you:


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