Black Lotus Motel Walkthrough (Beginner’s Guide)

This guide will walk you through the entire game.



BLACK LOTUS MOTEL: Begginer’s Guise

Welcome to Black Lotus Motel, dear guest! We hope you have a wonderful stay. And remember, you’re in this together. If your relationship is strong, this should be a walk in the park for you.

The first thing you should do is relax and drink some Macabras. Aren’t we here for some fun?
Right in front of you, in each of your rooms, you’ll find a Macabra dispenser. Click on it every time you want to refresh! You can drink ‘em by pointing ‘em and pushing the E key.
Warning: Drink all the Macabra you want! It will make your stay more… abstract.

So, how do you get outta here… All you really need to escape alive are three keys: RED, PURPLE and BLUE. They will give you access to the different areas of the Motel which will eventually get you to the final challenge.
Each key first needs to be unlocked from a console. Level 1 (RED), Level 2 (PURPLE) and Outdoors (BLUE). At the same time, each console is locked with a password which you’ll first need to find before you can unlock each key. Also, each console contains unlock color codes for the rest of the rooms, so you need to pay attention to which room you need to unlock next.

Oh, one last thing, besides that you’ll need to solve ALL THE PUZZLES IN THE GAME BEFORE THE TIME RUNS OUT. Chop chop!



Ok, let’s get it on with. Player 1, who created the Motel, will have 5 symbols right above the head behind the big jigsaw puzzle. Player 2 will have a wall full of these. Player 1 needs to pass the correct symbols for Player 2 to press them on the wall. This will unlock Player 1’s door. Player 2 will need to solve the XYZ puzzle located behind the symbol wall. Player 1 needs to go find the first password which is located somewhere inside the Motel. This will grant access to the downstairs console.
This first password is the easiest one, look around the walls, behind the stairs and you’ll see a note with a red question mark. Once you find it, go back to the console and enter the password. You now have three important tasks:

  • Unlock Room 3. Click button 3. Remember color unlock code. Go to Room 3 and release your friend.
  • Unlock Room 2. Click button 2. Remember color unlock code. Go to Room 2 and unlock room. This room will be useful for a number of reasons.
  • Solving the button sequence to unlock the RED KEY. Your friend can grab the RED KEY from its room and insert it in Room 2 when ready.

You’re both free, so what now?

Color Switches: You’ll also notice some color switches all around the Motel which can be interacted simultaneously but you both to open doors. If Player 2 finishes the XYZ before Player 1 can find the password to unlock Room 3, you can push these to let Player 2 out while Player 1 keeps looking out for the first password. These color switches will be helpful for you to go in and out from the Motel.

Both of you are now out of your rooms and there’s still a bunch of stuff you need to do to escape:

Main Entry is maybe where you wanna go next since most probably the second password will be found outside. You need to operate this door from both sides: indoor and outdoor. You will notice a binary sequence showing up and resetting. This is something you’ll need to complete together in order. Meaning that the player interacting with the upper window must input the numbers first and let the other player know when to go next to complete the sequence. This will open many doors from the Motel for 60 seconds.
By doing this 3 times, all doors will remain open.

Jigsaw Puzzles: There’s 3 of them. You’ll both need to interact with them to be able to complete them, otherwise the pieces won’t work. You’ll find the first one in Player 1’s Room. The other 2 are scattered around the Motel. These will give you a color combination that will be needed later in the game.

Input Fan Puzzle: Similar to the rest of the input puzzles found in the but with one slight difference. Once player will need to interact but won’t be able to see the numbers that need to be typed in, while the other player dictates them for the first to make the input. There’s 6 series to complete in this puzzle which after complete will shoot a bunch of reward items that you can collect throughout the map to use them to craft power-ups. The are not required for you game’s progression though.

Macabra machine: You’ll find a machine just past the two open doors in Level 1 in which you’ll see a Macabra icon and an opening on top. If you fill it with Macabras it will go into a cooldown to reward you with craft items. These items will serve for power-ups later on! Power-ups can enhance one of four attributes:
Speed: Run and sprint faster.
Health: Extended health and acid resistance.
Jump: Jump higher.
Strength: Throw faster and further.



Time to find the purple password to unlock Level 2 console. If you didn’t find it yet, there’s just one location for it to spawn indoors which is right to the side of the item machine that requires Macabras. If you can’t see a note with a purple question mark there, then you’re off to a password hunt outdoors!

Once you find the purple password, you’ll need to put it into Level 2 console which will unlock to give you access to Room 4 unlock code and the PURPLE KEY unlock sequence. Complete the sequence to unlock the key, grab it and head to Room 4. In your way, you’ll find the second jigsaw puzzle in case you want to complete it right away.

Memory Challenge: One needs to interact with purple and the other with red. The puzzle consists in each player remembering their color symbols to afterwards push the big blue given symbol in the middle. This will repeat until all symbols have been correctly discovered.

When you complete the memory challenge, the door to your left will open, for you to be able to insert the PURPLE KEY. This will enable the Purple pillar found downstairs in Level 1. You can interact with it by pointing and scrolling your Mouse Wheel or trackpad.

So, last room to open is Room 5, but that won’t be so easy. It’s time to go hunt for the third password. This is the hardest one and can be found anywhere in the level map. You’ll both need to work together and cooperate to cover all the terrain and finally find it. Look on the cacti, containers, roofs, literally anywhere.

Turbine Challenge: To start this challenge you’ll need to operate both Red and Purple pillars to lower down the blockers. And now… time to get tipsy. Both of you should go drink at least a full batch of Macabras before giving a shot at it. In fact, if you could stash up a bit by throwing some to Level 1 that will come in handy if you are out of in the middle of the challenge.
The objective is to hit the red targets. You’ll have to do it a series of times until solved to get rewarded with a bunch of crafting items.
A good strategy is to split between the upper and lower targets.



When you find the blue password, head to the console located outdoors of the Motel and you’ll now discover Room 5 unlock code AND the BLUE KEY unlock sequence. You can also complete the sequence to unlock a secret passage that holds two secrets that are optional: the watch timer (for you to know how much time you got left on you HUD) and one of the 15 tokens scatted around the map.
Unlock the BLUE KEY and Room 5.

So you might have noticed already that there are different Masks scattered around the Motel. They are in different positions. When you get to Room 5, you’ll have to match the 6 Masks to their correct positions to move further into the room. Once you complete this task you’ll be given access to the Balance Challenge.

Balance Challenge: One player needs to operate blue, the other red. With the arrow keys, you’ll both need to move your control rods up and down to balance the ball into the green slot. This will go on until the blue progress bar on the top is filled. You need to stay focused to avoid failing otherwise the whole progress will reset.

After completing the Balance Challenge, a door on your way out will be now open. Insert the BLUE KEY in the console to enable the blue pillar. You’ll now notice the first of two labyrinths on the wall. This puzzle is interacted from both sides, so one of you needs to stay in this room and the other should go all the way back to Room 4 and interact from the other side.

Labyrinth Puzzle: This puzzle is interacted from both sides by each of you. The only difference is that one of you can control it vertically and the other horizontally. You’ll need to get the green cube to the other end to complete it.

After completing this labyrinth you’ll get access to controlling the blue pillar on Level 1. You’re now missing another labyrinth on Level 1 downstairs.
Go downstairs and complete the other labyrinth. This one is bigger, so stay focused!
After completing it, you’ll get access to the big machine located right next to the Motel sign. It contains three panels with 9 buttons that need to be pressed with the exact same combinations as given when solving the jigsaw puzzles. When doing so, you’ll be opening the secret underground entrance. You guys are closer!


Remember when you opened the big door the third time, well that also opened your passage into the basement challenge. Why do you need to go down there? To get the final key: the CAR KEY. This key will let you into the car and solve another input puzzle that will grant you the final password. How to solve it?

Basement Challenge: One player should crouch into the basement passage, the other player needs to operate the blue pillar to lower down the blocker that let’s anyone down there. Just then, the player down there needs to stock up with some Macabras and the other player should head to Room 2, which will have the map of what’s going on down there. To view the map, interact with the big screen in the room and hit the TAB key, this will show you an arrow indicator of your friend and a START button which you’ll need to press when ready. When pushing it, a timer will start running. Before it runs out, you need to guide your friend to the green reactors to deactivate them by tossing Macabras. After completing that challenge, you’ll be unlocking the CAR KEY.

As soon as you get the CAR KEY, get back in the surface and rush to the car in the middle of the road. Open it and solve the challenge. Get the last password and now comes a decision moment: WHO WILL BE THE GUIDE, WHO WILL PARKOUR? Both equally important roles that will need to stay sharp to finally escape this hell.


When all 16 puzzles have been solved within the Motel, a secret entrance will let you in Level 3.
After you make up your minds, the GUIDE should head to that floor to insert the password found in the car. The other player should head to the elevator located in the pool’s underground entry.

Final Challenge: This challenge is similar to what you did in the Basement challenge. The Player in Level 3 will have the map and the Player underground will need to hit the reactors within the time given. After completing this task, the Player upstairs will face a challenging input puzzle to finally deactivate the machine and prevent the world from ending.


Thanks to A3 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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