Black Skylands: A Economy Guide (How to Make & Spend Money)

How to make money easily through farming and the best way to spend it!

Note: This guide is current as of version 6-98.3556. all is subject to change

Introduction: Why farm?

Farming and ranching are integral to producing money in Black Skylands. This guide shows the best plants and animals to farm for highest profit.

Money has a multiple of useful applications and is needed to progress through the game and reduce grind.

Plant Profit Table

This Table shows the cost, returns and profit per hour of each plant in the game.

Animal Profit Table

This Table shows the cost, returns and profit per hour of each animal in the game.

Garden Setups

Gardens are one of the first buildings unlocked in the game, and one of the easiest and best ways to start earning profit. Initially you will build your first garden during the tutorial quest. I recommend you build 2 more straight away. keep them close together for ease of use. Upgraded Tier 2 gardens produce double the amount of plants per seed.

Tier 1 Gardens

Wood and Stone are going to be the most easily available resources early on. There is a few wood deposits around Carpenters valley, and stone around Broken Stairs.

Tier 2 Gardens

Solid Wood and Marble are both end game resources that require exploring the storm to unlock. There is a good source of Solid wood during the swarm quest in the upper section of Carpenters valley, available once you talk to the hunter.

Bamboo Seeds

The easiest way to get bamboo seeds is to visit the large trader town in the centre of the map, turtle town. You can go here at any stage in the game and buy seeds. Use the fuel trader right outside for quick travel.
Later on, you can upgrade a trader’s market to tier 2 to buy bamboo seeds conveniently from your base, however this is not necessary.

Ranch Setup

Ranches are a mid-tier income producing building. They are built using 2 red wood and 1 granite and cannot be upgraded. Animals are unique in that they produce two items, a meat, and a crafting item. You will initially want to use the crafting base items to make gear and ship parts, but once that is done you should start selling them for more profit.

While chickens produce the highest potential profit per hour, cows have the best return of any animal or crop in the game. This makes them perfect to use when going out on long

You can buy animals from the trader in turtle town. Chickens and pigs can be bought from a tier 1 traders market, and cows from a tier 2 traders market.

Best Plants and Animals

In conclusion, the best plant to farm is Bamboo and the best animal is Chickens . By having 3 tier 2 gardens and 3 ranches active at once, you can earn a staggering $77,625 per hour.

However, if you go away a lot, change out your chickens for cows as they produce the highest profit per harvest.

Happy Farming!

What to spend your money on

Now that you have more money then you know what to do with, here is the most useful things to spend it on.


The trader in Turtle Town sells more throughout the game, and allows you to buy most of the parts and resources you need.

Fast Travel

Fast travel is key to saving on fuel costs and time, use it whenever you can.


Most craftables take a few hundred bucks, this can add up quickly when crafting a new set of gear.
Combine this with purchasing the needed resources for ultimate efficiency.

Mod boxes

Travelling shop keepers can be found randomly around the map which sell mod boxes. Be on the lookout for the tier 3 shop keeper hidden in the swarm.

Thanks to pandalords for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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