Blasphemous: How to Get All Achievements (Avoid Permanent Mistakes)

It’s easy to permanently fail achievements in Blasphemous. This guide will help you avoid the most common mistakes people make going for all the achievements.

Expectations and Suggestions

This guide is not intended to be a step-by-step walkthrough of the game, there’s other resources for that. However, this guide will try to help you get all achievements with as little backtracking and replaying as possible.

There is a minimum of two runs required to get all achievements. This is due to the fact there are two sets of mutually exclusive achievements: the ending achievements and the result of the Cleofas side quest. It is suggested that your first run of the game be focused on getting 100% Completion and your second run on picking up what achievements you missed the first time around.

There are 2 major suggestions I would advise:

  • Take some time during your first run through to properly learn how to fight and parry, particularly the bosses, as the accumulated skill will come in handy during the second run.
  • During your first run, keep a notepad next to you to keep track of Children of the Moonlight (the babies in flying cages) that you skip along the way. This will make it easier for you to backtrack once you have the required items/spells to free them.

You should expect the first run to take around 20 hours. A large determinant on how long this will take you is how well you tackle the combat and boss fights. The second run is significantly faster, taking only 10 hours or so if you do it correctly.

Important Notes Before the First Run

Important game terms and hints will be bolded throughout this guide; super important instructions and warnings to avoid permanent mistakes and will additionally be underlined.

Free Achievements

First things first, there are some achievements you’ll naturally get along the way. No need to farm for these or worry about them. As long as you’re picking up all the collectibles you can along the way, these will naturally occur.

There are 13 Story Achievements you get for progressing, 1 for each major fight (11), 1 for reaching the last boss, and 1 for ending the game (we’ll be going for the “good” ending on the first run).

Some side quest achievements you’ll naturally complete:

  • The Desire of the Corrupted – We’re going to intentionally “fail” the side quest for this achievement and get it towards the end of the game.
  • Warm and Soft
  • Ultreia Et Suseia
  • True Shrine
  • In the Name of the High Wills

Then there’s some gameplay achievements you’ll just get along the way either from combat or for picking up everything to get 100% completion:

  • The Number of the Beasts – You’re going to kill way more than the required number of enemies, 666, for this achievement.
  • Inquisition
  • Baptism of Faith – Get all Fervor (mana) upgrades, a total of 6.
  • Six Stinging Pains – Get all HP upgrades, a total of 6.
  • Bestiary- Make sure you kill all enemies at least once.
  • Mea Culpa
  • Blood and Tears
  • Skin and Bones
  • Detestatio Sacrorum
  • Engracia
  • Fountain of Life
  • Hart and Slash
  • Warden of the Ossuary
  • The Bull and The Moon
  • Firm Devotion
  • Mysteria Lucis

Cool, let your first Penitence begin!

The First Penitence: Arduous Cuisine

The guide for the first run will be split into the zones in the exact order you should visit them. Also, instead of typing Tears of Atonement, the in-game currency, I’ll just use the ‘$’ instead.

Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow

Nothing special here. Note a big locked door on your way out, you’ll be coming back to that fairly soon.

The Holy Line

Nothing special here as well. You’ll encounter your first Child of the Moonlight; you’re going to want to free at least 20 of these guys for a special Relic later on, but if you’re hitting all the easily accessible ones along the way you should be comfortably above that requirement by the time you need it.

Also here you can start some progress for the Power Unleashed achievement; you’ll need to a Righteous Riposte 5 times and the Pilgrim (with wheel) is an easy target for those. Feel free to look up how to do a Righteous Riposte, it’s not super obvious. You can also execute one of these Pilgrims for progress towards the Inquisition achievement. You get the chance to execute when the enemy flashes red after being defeated; these events happen randomly, so no worries if you don’t get one on your first time across.


Sort of the main “hub” of the game. You’ll be coming here a lot. Definitely talk to Tirso in the Tower who will ask you for ingredients and start you on the Mediterranean Diet achievement as well as Ludovico (behind the window) who will ask you for unburied remains and start you on the True Shine achievement. At the bottom level of the Tower, the left door will let you visit your first Mea Culpa Shrine for some extra damage.

To the right of Ludovico’s house is an area with a collectible, the Phalanx of Brannon. Besides the existing stuff in this room, If any new graves appear here, it means you’ve failed the Mediterranean Diet achievement. The pathing of this guide is set up to make sure you don’t miss this achievement.

Wasteland of the Buried Churches

Progress through this normally. The Crucified (lady with big statue) and Shieldmaiden here are both executable.

You’ll enter a church and inside you find three ladders over spikes. Skip the door you need to cross the spikes for and go all the way to the top and exit the door on the left. You should be at:

Where Olive Trees Wither

This first visit is just to pick up some quest items you’ll need for later. Use the Prie Dieu; past that is a guy in a tree. Talk to him to get an Empty Golden Thimble. In the next room, all the way on the bottom left side you’ll find a cave with the Incense Garlic. Grab it, leave the cave, then quit to main menu.

When you start your save file again, you should now be back at the Prie Dieu but the Incense Garlic should still be in your inventory. This is a Prie Dieu Teleport, henceforth just referred to as a PDT, which we’ll use occasionally to speed up travel times.

Exit this zone back towards the right to return to Wasteland of the Buried Churches. Go all the way to the bottom of the church to head to:

Mercy Dreams

Make sure you have at least $400 before you progress.

Go through this zone normally and you’ll eventually meet your first Merchant; you don’t have to buy everything from her in one go, she’ll stick around for the remainder of the game. That said, buy the Key to the Chamber of the Eldest Brother.

Keep progressing through the zone. Eventually you’ll meet Viridiana, a girl in a cloak. She appears before certain boss fights. You don’t have to talk to her, but if you do, she’ll offer to help. You’ll have to let her help 3 times over the course of the run for the Last Breath achievement. That said, I would decline her help now and save her for future, tougher, boss fights.

The door to the left of the Prie Dieu here is the first boss, Ten Piedad. Don’t fight him now though; keep going to the right instead and you’ll find your first fast travel gate. Use it and go back to Albero.

Albero then Brotherhood

When you pop out the gate at Albero, you should find and pick up a Bouquet of Thyme. Go back to Tirso and give him the Incense Garlic and the Bouquet of Thyme. In return, he’s going to give you a Linen Cloth. Head to the left and now you can interact with the fountain in Albero to visit the Blessed Lord of Salty Shores. He’s going to turn your Linen Cloth into a Shroud of Dreamt Sins, a Relic you should equip immediately. You’re going to need this Relic to talk to Corpses to get the Last Words achievement.

Use the Prie Dieu here to set up a PDT. Go back to the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow. Remember that big door you couldn’t enter before? Now you can with the key you bought from the Merchant in Mercy Dreams. Go inside and pick up the Blood Perpetuated In Sand, another Relic you should equip immediately. PDT back to Albero.

To the right of the Mea Culpa in the Tower, is a wall you can hit to reveal a hole. Go through the hole, and you’ll end up in the Desecrated Cistern. You won’t be here long though, drop down the ladder and immediately go to the left to enter:

Mountains of the Endless Dusk

This zone is pretty linear, so just progress as usual. Definitely use the Prie Dieu here as you’ll be fighting a mini-boss, Perpetua. Afterwards, continue forwards until you see a pilgrim with hands bound looking across a vast abyss. This is Redento who will have an important side-quest, but you don’t have to speak to him yet. Go down the ladder into:


There’s a lot going on in Jondo as it’s sort of a puzzle-y zone. You enter the zone from the top-right exit. For the most part, you should be able to progress through this section normally but make sure you grab the Bouquet of Rosemary towards the bottom right of the zone.

While you’re here, you should destroy both the Right Statue and the Left Statue, as well as pull some levers to unlock a few moving platforms that will allow you to traverse this zone faster the next time you’re back. Make sure you do not destroy the statue of three people in the middle of the zone.

After you destroy the Left Statue, head upwards and you should be able to climb a ladder back into:

Mountains of the Endless Dusk

This time, you’re popping out the top-left exit of Jondo. Climb the wall and go left. Keep going left until you reach the second Prie Dieu. Use it to set up a PDT, then go back right in the direction you can in from. You can drop down the gap here and collect the Dried Clove.

Then, continue right towards where you originally popped out of Jondo, the top-left exit. Pull the lever to the right to enable two moving platforms. Cross these platforms and you’ll end up back at Redento. Talk to him and PDT back. Now, you can go left and re-enter:

Brotherhood then Albero

You’re now back in the Brotherhood! You’re going to find a whole bunch of useful things here but most importantly, a Mea Culpa Shrine for more damage and a fast travel room. Don’t use it yet though. Climb to the top to find Redento waiting by a door. Go through the door and navigate the puzzle room. You’ll come out that room on the other side of the wall; smash the wall and speak to Redento again. Then fast travel back to Albero.

Once you’re in Albero, speak with Tirso and give him the Dried Clove and Bouquet of Rosemary. If you check to the right of Ludovico’s house and there aren’t any new graves, then you’re on still track for Mediterranean Diet achievement!

The First Penitence: The Holy Wounds

Now that you’re still in the running for the Mediterranean Diet achievement, you’re ready to move on and kill some bosses!

Mercy Dreams

From Albero, fast travel back to Mercy Dreams and kill Ten Piedad. Pick up your first Holy Wound and continue onwards to:

Desecrated Cistern

There’s a lot of collectibles in this zone, and you’re going to be glad you picked up the Blood Perpetuated in Sand Relic. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get everything in one go, and you’ll definitely be back here again in the future.

Progress through this section normally, making sure you grab the Black Grieving Veil along the way. Eventually, you’ll end up back in Albero. At this point, if you haven’t gotten the ranged attack yet, you should buy it from the Mea Culpa Shrine. You should now head towards:

Where Olive Trees Wither

You’ve been here before way back at the start of the run. The Flagellant (guys with whips) can be executed. This zone is pretty linear, make your way through to:

Graveyard of the Peaks

Make sure you have at least $800 before you progress.

Before you climb the peaks, head to the left and meet the Merchant of the Peaks. She’ll have a Torn Bridal Ribbon you can buy for $800. Continue left and you’ll come across a Confessor statue alone with the Immaculate Bead. I’d suggest equipping the Rosary immediately. After you die 3 times with this equipped (which should easily happen), this Rosary will transform into Weight of True Guilt and you can replace it with something else.

Once you get the Immaculate Bead, head back to the right and start your climb up the peak. This climb is pretty linear, so progress normally. One you’re at the top, you’ll reach:

Convent of our Lady of the Charred Visage

Once you use the first Prie Dieu in this zone, you’ll want to head towards the bottom right door to unlock an elevator that lets you fast travel back down to Albero. Head back into the Convent after you unlock the elevator.

This place is also pretty linear. Progress through and fight the boss, Our Lady of the Charred Visage. Afterwards, you’ll receive your second Holy Wound. Right next to where you get the Holy Wound is a fountain. Interact with it and you’ll fill up your Golden Thimble with the oil.

You’ll be able to loop back around to the elevator down to Albero.

Jondo then Grievance Ascends

Head back through the Mountains of Endless Dusk and go back to Jondo. If you destroyed the Left and Right Statues from your trip here earlier, you can immediately go and destroy the statue of three people which will drop you into Grievance Ascends.

You’ll immediately get a Prie Dieu below two ladders. Take the time to climb both ladders and pull both levers to set up shortcuts for the future. You’ll quickly come across a Confessor Statue. If you already have the Weight of True Guilt Rosary, equip it, destroy the statue and complete the Confessor Arena. This will save you a trip back in the future.

Besides that, you should pick up the Silvered Lung of Dolphos Relic and the Melted Golden Coins quest item, both of which are along the way to the next boss. After getting the next Prie Dieu, go back to the left and further down the column to meet Altasgracias. You should have the three items:

  • Black Grieving Veil
  • Torn Bridal Ribbon
  • Melted Golden Coins

to offer her to get the Egg of Deformity.

Return to the Prie Dieu. Before you head left to go fight the Tres Angustiastalk to Viridiana and accept her help. Beating this boss gets you your last Holy Wound and an elevator back to the top of:

Cisterns then Mountains

From the Cisterns, and use the Prie Dieu in Albero to set up a PDT. Then, go back once more to the Mountains of Endless Dusk from the Cisterns and place the Egg of Deformity into the tree where you fought Perpetua. Leave the room and immediate return; go back to the tree and pick up the Hatched Egg of Deformity.

PDT back to Albero and go to the Fountain with the Hatched Egg to get the Three Gnarled Tongue. You’re going to need this Relic to unlock a lot of collectibles. With this in hand, head back through Albero to:

Wasteland of the Buried Churches

Go through this one more time, and once you reach the church with diverging paths, take the one on the right you haven’t gone through yet.

Redento should be here now if you’ve been following this guide. Knock down some trees and speak to him to continue his pilgrimage. Head to the right and onto:

The Bridges of the Three Calvaries

This zone is basically a single boss fight. Beating Esdras gets you the Taranto to my Sister prayer, which you’ll need to save some Children of the Moonlight. Continue through the doors to:

Patio of Silent Steps

Once again a pretty linear section. Make sure you pick up the Olive Seeds. Progress through and meet up with Redento once more. Defeat the Amargura blocking his way and speak with him to continue his pilgrimage. Continue through the doors the Amargura was blocking.

You’re now in the last half of the game!

The First Penitence: Culinary Master

At this point, we’re going to pick back up the progress for the Mediterranean Diet achievement as well as make sure we don’t fail the next fork in the road with Cleofas.

Mother of Mothers

The Acolytes (dudes with a candelabra on a stick) and the Custodians (dudes with rainbow daggers) can be executed.

Run to the right to enter The Knot of the Three Words. Exit The Knot to the right and continue right. The rest of this zone is pretty linear. You’ll meet Redento again. Equip all three ‘Toes’ Rosary beads and interact with the statue he is crying in front of. This gets you into a cave to get the Nail Uprooted from Dirt Relic. Leave the cave to find Redento missing. Immediately go back into the cave to find the now dead Redento; this is required to unlock the Ultreia Et Suseia achievement.

Continue onward from there until you reach the room that contains the Trapezium of Jeremiah collectible. First, go down the right drop while hugging the right wall; you’ll land on the Trapezium. From that ledge, you can do a ledge drop onto the platform below to enter a room on the right. This is where you’ll meet Cleofas, the kneeling man. Speak with Cleofas, DO NOT speak with Socorro, the suffering lady.

Leave the room the way you came; jump across some platforms and pull the lever on the right side. This drops a ladder which you should climb down. Now, you can and probably should head back left into the The Knot of the Three Words to save at the Prie Dieu before going back into the room at the right. This time, go all the way down. Smack the left wall for a Fervor fountain, then take the bottom right door to go to:

Library of the Negated Words

Once you reach the bottom of this initial room, the room on the right unlocks a new fast travel gate. We’re not using it now though, head back to the left to go through the Library. Once again, this area is very linear and very puzzle-y. There’s also a Confessor Statue here. Equip the Weight of True Guilt Rosary, break the statue and complete the Confessor Arena. This will save you the trouble of double-backing here later.

The only thing of note here is Diosdado, an NPC with a side quest to silence a Corpse banging on the walls. Though this side quest is not required and doesn’t unlock any achievements, it’s still recommended to complete as Diosdado gives you $5000 for it.

Quickly get through this zone to reach:

The Sleeping Canvases

You should have freed at least 20 Children of the Moonlight before progressing.

You can execute the flying paintings here. This zone is pretty tiny. Head to the right from where you entered to collect the Sooty Garlic. Continue right to the next big room. The upper left door contains another Prie Dieu. Use the Prie Dieu here to set up for a PDT. The room to the left of that has a big painting of a Bull.

This is where you need to make sure you have the 20 Children of the Moonlight so you can receive the Linen of Golden Thread Relic. You’ll need this Relic to collect a ton of collectibles. Do not explore this area any further.

Go back to where you got the Sooty Garlic but now continue through the bottom left door. Keep onwards and you’ll meet your third Merchant. She doesn’t sell anything you really need, so just keep going left. You’ll unlock a shortcut back to the Mercy Dreams that’s just beneath the fast travel gate which is convenient because you’re once again fast travelling back to:


Go to Tirso and give him the Olive Seeds and Sooty Garlic. Then, head over to Ludovico. If you’ve been following the guide and have met Cleofas already, you’ll get the Cord of True Burying. You can take the time now to check the area to the right of Ludovico; if there aren’t any new graves, then congratulations! You’re in the clear for the Mediterranean Diet though you won’t get the achievement quite yet.

PDT back into The Sleeping Canvases.

Canvases then Library

This Prie Dieu is pretty much right next to the next boss fight. Make sure you accept Viridiana’s help again. Beat Exposito to get the Embossed Mask of Crescente. You’ll also get an elevator and shortcut back to the Library.

The room you come out of in the Library is a short distance back to:

Mother of Mothers

Take the ladder you dropped after meeting with Cleofas and continue through the rest of this zone. It’s a short trip to the second Prie Dieu. Once again, make sure you accept Viridiana’s help. This should be the 3rd time you’re asking Viridiana for help.

After the fight with Melquiades, Viridiana should linger behind. Speak to her for both the Last Breath achievement as well as a new Prayer. You’ll now also pick up the Deformed Mask of Orestes. You’ll appear in an area above where you originally entered the Mother of Mothers from the Patio.

Take the ladder up to the Archcathedral Rooftops. You’ll immediately want to grab this Prie Dieu for safety. Head back down the ladder into Mother of Mothers. There’s a Confessor Statue here too. It’s a good idea to leave this Confessor Statue intact. The Archcathedral Rooftops have lots of instant-death spikes and if you really screw yourself with Guilt, it’s nice to be able to pay the Confessor to remove all the guilt. Take the time to drop back down in to the first room to now pull some levers and release some shortcut ladders. With those ladders dropped, PDT back into the Archcathedral Rooftops.

The First Penitence: Sin and Forgiveness

You’re getting ever close to the Turned Throne!

Archcathedral Rooftops

This zone is pretty straightforward. You should have two Masks at this point, one each for beating the boss of Canvases and Mothers. Give those masks to the central elevator and it will take you to different floors and each floor features a mini-boss fight that will get you a Mark of the First/Second/Third Refuge. Be sure to pick up all three Marks.

While you’re here, unlock the quick travel gate here on the third floor as well. Once you’ve got all three Marks and unlocked the quick travel gate, head on back down to:

Mother of Mothers

If you want to set up a PDT at the Prie Dieu in Archcathedral Rooftops right above Mother of Mothers, it’ll save you a bit of travel time. However, it’s not super difficult getting back to the Rooftops from Cleofas’s room, so this is entirely up to you.

Head back down to Cleofas. Give all three Marks of Refuge to Socorro. Be careful when choosing the interaction options here; if you accidentally end her suffering, you will lose your 100% completion run! After giving Socorro all three Marks, she’ll disappear. Speak with Cleofas again. If you haven’t gotten the Cord of True Burying from Ludovico yet, go back to Albero and get it now.

Head back to the Prie Dieu in Archcathedral Rooftops. This time, you can head left to find Cleofas on the ledge. Give him the Cord of True Burying. Do not leave this room without giving him the Cord; you will not have another opportunity. Congratulations, you saved Cleofas! Head on over to:

Wall of Holy Prohibitions

This zone is pretty short, though a tiny bit of a puzzle. This place is jam packed with collectibles, but it’s overall pretty easy to get through. Get ready to fight Quirce, he’s pretty tough.

After you finish the fight with Quirce, you’ll be able to get a shortcut to loop back to the start of this zone. Get the Prie Dieu at the start again, then head backwards towards a Confessor Statue you should find after the Quirce fight. It’s probably a good idea to complete the Confessor Arena now to eliminate back-tracking here in the future.

You should be able to head up to a previously inaccessible area in the Convent of our Lady of the Charred Visage to pick up the Mirrored Mask of Dolphos.

Head back to the fast travel gate in Archcathedral Rooftops and teleport back to:


Home sweet home! Go talk to Tirso again; if you didn’t unlock the Mediterranean Diet achievement earlier, it should unlock for you now.

Then, go to Ludovico’s house. The front door should be open now. Go inside to find Cleofas; speak to him to get the Rebirth achievement and a new Prayer.

You can now technically finish up the the game any time you want at this point. The Mirrored Mask will allow you to take the elevator in the Archcathedral Rooftops to the final zone. However, now is a good time to go back and collect all the stuff you missed originally.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you made a list of the Children of the Moonlight you missed, that’ll come in handy now. Some notable places you’ll need to revisit:

— Confessor Statues —
As you go through some zones, don’t forget to finish the Confessor Arenas there if you haven’t already. This is required for the “good” ending.

— Merchants —
Don’t forget to revisit the Merchants at some point and buy everything you didn’t originally get the first time around.

— Desecrated Cistern —
There’s a bunch of stuff you probably missed around here. You’ll have to pick up the Severed Hand to give to the Blessed Lord of Salty Shores for another Relic and to complete his side quest.

You’ll also pick up the Chalice of Inverted Verses, which you’ll need to fill up by killing 3 specific enemy types (in any order) in the MountainsCanvases, and Wall. You cannot fast travel after you’ve killed the first enemy or the Chalice will empty, but you can PDT to save time on back-tracking.

— Where Olive Trees Wither —
Whew, remember that Thimble of Oil we picked up the first time through the Convent? Go ahead and give that to Gemino now. You can leave and immediately re-enter the room to pick up the Frozen Olive Rosary.

Next, equip your Linen of Gold Thread and jump down the pits next to the cave where you found the Incense Garlic. There’s a whole mini-section here for you to explore with some collectibles and a Child of the Moonlight. Make sure you visit the room to the left for the Saeta Dolorosa for an achievement.

— Grievance Ascends —
You’ll need to re-visit Altasgracias here for a Knot of Hair Rosary.

— The Sleeping Canvases —
You should revisit here after you’ve collected:

  • all 38 Children of the Moonlight
  • Big Bead of Blue Wax
  • Big Bead of Red Wax

The wax beads let you get a Mea Culpa Heart, and talking to the Bull painting again gets you a new Prayer.

Once you’re done collecting everything, head on back to the elevator in Archcathedral Rooftops to reach:

Deambulatory of his Holiness

There’s a Corpse here on the left of the elevator. This should theoretically be the last Corpse you need to speak to for the Last Words achievement. If you don’t get it after speaking to this Corpse, it means you’ve missed one somewhere. Personally, I found the Corpse in Graveyard of the Peaks close to where you found the Muted Bell easy to miss.

After that, it’s two final boss fights and you should be able to see the “good” ending. You should also receive the Witness of The Miracle achievement signifying your 100% completion status. Congrats on finishing your first run!

The Second Penitence: Become the Speed

Welcome back to Custodia! This run should be significantly faster since you can skip so many side-quests and collectibles. In particular, this means a ton less routing for the Mediterranean Diet achievement.

At this point, the only achievements you should be missing are:

  • The Path of the Unworth – the alternate ending achievement
  • Crossing Souls – an alternate way to progress Cleofas’s and Redento’s side-quest.
  • Bronze Medal – speedrun the first half of the game
  • Requiem Aeternam – beat all bosses without using HP flasks.
Bronze Medal: The First Half of the Run

Most of the first half of this run is the same. The good part now is of course you don’t have to search for any of the collectibles, and you can beat the bosses the first time you reach them!

Make sure you’re still progressing Redento’s side-quest in JondoBrotherhood of the Silent Sorrow, and Wasteland of Buried Churches.

Once you have the three Holy Wounds, head to the The Bridges of the Three Cavalries. As long as you defeat Esdras and enter the Patio of Silent Steps before 3 in-game hours have passed, you should get the Bronze Medal achievement.

You can always check your in-game time from the save-file selection screen.

Crossing Souls: The Second Half of the Run

Do not speak to Redento in the Patio of Silent Steps! Progress through Mother of Mothers normally, but skip meeting with Cleofas.

Instead of going to the Library of the Negated Words first this time (though you might want to swing down there briefly just to unlock the quick travel gate), you can actually beat the boss of Mother of Mothers and reach the Archcathedral Rooftops. Go through the Rooftops as before, collecting all three Marks of Refuge.

Once you have all three Marks, head back down to Mother of Mothers and speak with Cleofas. Once again, give all three Marks to SocorroDo not accidentally end her suffering! Head back to the Archcathedral Rooftops and go meet with Cleofas on the roof again. Speak with him, exit the room to the right, then immediately re-enter the room. Cleofas should no longer be there.

Head back down to the Patio of Silent Steps. You should see Cleofas’s body in-front of where you left Redento. Speak to Redento to get the Crossing Paths achievement.

At this point, all that’s left is for you to beat the game as usual. As long as you don’t complete all of the Confessor Arenas, you should be able to get the “bad” ending.

Congratulations on getting all the achievements!

Final Notes

This guide was originally written for the 1.0.13 patch.

By AtlasDiesIrae

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