Bloxi The Word Game: Basic Guide for New Player

This is a small guide to help new players learn the basics, beat Hard Difficulty and achieve super high scores in Bloxi: The Word Game!


Zen Mode
Zen Mode is the perfect mode for beginners to start out playing. The game-play is endless just like in Endless Mode but the blocks do not fall automatically.

Clear Down Mode
Clear Down Mode is the game to beat! In this mode you are able to WIN! To win you must finish clearing down all the dark blocks at the bottom. Once the last one is gone you win! Complete the level as quickly as you can and with as many words in a row for the biggest multipliers! Be sure to share your winning screenshot on Steam!

Daily Challenge Mode
Daily Challenge Mode is a specific level built just for today! Each day a different layout appears with impervious blocks in different places as well as a different letter that gets locked!

Endless Mode
Endless Mode is just like the name describes. You can play this mode forever! This is similar to Zen Mode but in this one the blocks fall automatically.

Difficulty Levels
The three different Difficulty Levels are:

– Words must be 3 or more letters long
– Largest Dictionary
– Power-ups are available every turn

– Words must be 3 or more letters long
– Obscure words have been removed from the Dictionary
– Power-ups are only available after a certain number of turns

– Words must be 4 or more letters long
– Same Dictionary as Medium
– Power-ups must be strategically purchased with currency at the right time

Thanks to ThomasJeff4s0n for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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