Blue Archive: Keystone Guide (How to Get & Use)

Here is a guide on how to obtain and use Keystones in the Blue Archive game. you can get keystones efficiently with this guide, we will teach you how to use them in manufacturing (craft chamber), enjoy the game.


How to get keystone

How to get Keystone Quantity
Daily mission 1 piece
Weekly mission 6
Gacha calling point (fragment) Fragments for points (10 pieces are expected to be about the primary opening)
Monthly package for furniture manufacturing and (charged) 10 pieces
Gift manufacturing package (charged) 10 pieces

Obtained on a daily weekly mission

The main sources of keystone are daily and weekly missions. You‘ll get a total of 13 keystones for your weekly and daily missions, so be sure to complete your daily missions every day.

The calling point of the gacha becomes a “fragment”

It is not the main body of the keystone, but you can get the pieces of the keystone at the gacha calling point. As expected, it seems that the rate is the primary opening with 10 pieces.

Available in a billing package

Other than the above, there are monthly packages for furniture manufacturing and packages for gift manufacturing (charged). These are charged, but you can get 10 of them in an instant, so if you want to manufacture quickly, you should pay for them.


How to use keystone

Used when manufacturing

How to get and use Keystone 3

Keystone is used when manufacturing (craft chamber). In manufacturing, you can get furniture, gifts, reports and more. Especially in the early stages, there is big merit to put furniture in the cafe, so it is recommended to make furniture using keystone.

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