Book of Demons: How to Get Better Legendaries (Save Game Cheat)

Here is a simple guide on how to increase the chances of getter better cards. (Save game cheat)


TL;DR Version

Back up your saves when you encounter a legendary card in the dungeons.
Reveal them.
Not happy? Restore your save and repeat.

Save game location

The fastest way to find your save games are


press Win+R, enter path %appdata%\Return2Games_WIP21 and press enter

In Windows this leads you to something like this:


press Command + Shift + G, enter path ~/Library/Application


see here

Your save games

In that folder you will find a folder with an ID open it and there you will have:

Backing up and restoring saves (R&R)


First make a copy of YOURNAME.files
Maybe also of the .backup variant.

In Game

This is important:
Leave Session (This saves the game) -> Return to Archives
 or exit the whole game.
ALWAYS return to Archives or exit the game before restoring your game.


To be save always make a copy of the data you want to restore.

Now you have
YOURNAME.files Copy ( Keep this in case something goes wrong, your not happy)
YOURNAME.files Copy2

Ignore you first copy:

YOURNAME.files delete it
YOURNAME.files Copy2 rename it to -> YOURNAME.files

Now if you go back into the game and load Book of Demons your characters are back to the moment of the backup.

I will call this process R&R for reload and rerandom.

Legendaries drops explained

A few informations first.

How to get legendaries

There are 3 ways to get legendary cards.

1.) Guaranteed: Cook, Antipope, Archdemon
2.) Random&Guaranteed: Drop by monster or chest.
3.) Cauldron, very rare NOT guranteed.

What do I mean by guaranteed?

for 2. random drops. When a legendary is droped in a normal level that event is predefined.
Reloading and playing that level again will again drop that legendary card.
3.) The Cauldron, there is a very very small chance, i would guess 1% to drop a legendary card. I experienced that only once. Reloading and doing the cauldron again will NOT drop it again.

When is the outcome fixed?

Unlike magical cards which are determined by the sage (You can reload&rerandom them as well, maybe usefull in the early stage of the game).
The legendary cards are predefined AT DROP means once it’s on the ground the outcome will stay the same.

Reload and Rerandom Legendaries

1.) Cook, Antipope, Archdemon

Shortly before defeating them press ESC, Leave Session and backup your save game file.
Go back, defeat them go to the sage and reveal your legendary.

Not happy? Leave Session (or game) -> Return to Archives, restore backed up save game file. Repeat.

2.) Random drops in levels

When you experience a drop mid level. Immediatly back up your current save – it normaly dates back when you last visited the town. So don’t worry when you already picked up the card.
To not lose time I recommend to use a Town Portal scroll.
Go to the sage, reveal your card. If not happy R&R.

3.) Cauldron

As stated this is a very very rare event. When you get a legendary card (lucky you 😉 you can NOT RERANDOM it. After reload the cauldron will probably not drop a legendary card again.

BUT what you can do. When you have a lot of prices, for example when going for the no cauldron use achievment. You can rerandom these prices and maybe just maybe you get a legendary drop. As the chances are low, it could also be a waste of time. In >500 levels I only got 1 legendary from the cauldron.

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