Borderlands GOTY Enhanced: How to Fix Co-op Lag and Set Toggle to Aim

Just a simple guide that shows you how to eliminate the common co-op lag issues that people have in this game, but also how to set toggle to aim in the game if you want.


CO-OP fps stutter/lag fix

So here I am, back again, with another Borderlands tutorial. Fired up the enhanced version with 3 of my buddies last night in co-op and notice this strange type of lag everyone was having. There is a very easy way to do it.

You simply go to the following location: C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Borderlands Game of the Year\WillowGame\Config and open up the WillowEngine.ini file. After that you find the following line: bHasVoiceEnabled and change it from the default true to false so it looks like this:


At the very bottom you will be able to watch a video which shows you exactly how to do that.

Toggle to aim

There are a lot of player that prefer toggle to aim instead of hold to aim. I became that player around 3 years ago after investing a lot of time in Rainbow Six Siege and just became obsessed with it. Now in counter to all other Borderlands game which have that setting in the game menu, this one doesn’t have it, but do not fear because I am here 😀

Simply go to this location: C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Borderlands Game of the Year\WillowGame\Config and find a filed called WillowInput.ini

Open it up and find this section in it: [WillowGame.WillowPlayerInput]

After you have found it put the following three lines at the bottom of that section (just copy paste them):

Bindings=(Name="ToggleAimOn",Command="StartAltFire | setbind RightMouseButton ToggleAimOff",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False,LeftTrigger=False,RightTrigger=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False)
Bindings=(Name="ToggleAimOff",Command="StopAltFire | setbind RightMouseButton ToggleAimOn",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False,LeftTrigger=False,RightTrigger=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False)


Here is a YouTube video I made which shows everything I have mentioned so far:

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