Here are some FAQ for BPM game. if you have any problems. please let me know.


This game is hard? How do I succeed.

  • Strafe like there’s no tomorrow. So basically while you’re playing hold down walk left pretty much ALL the time. Enemies fire at your last location (generally) so if you’re moving to a new location they’ll miss you every time.
  • Everything is predictable. So learn the patterns of enemies, they all have tells and forewarn their actions. It’s possible to complete the game without taking one point of damage.
  • Focus on strafing and moving OVER shooting. It’s more important to avoid damage than deal it out.
  • It’s a very new thing, so it does take a while to learn. So keep at it and it will click.

How do I killed Draugr?

He has 6 attacks: Throw fire at floor, “get to my left”, “get to my right”, spawn elemental and fast firing and slow firing. Keep your eye on him. Keep moving.

How do I get the game to work on Windows 7?

Some players have managed it here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1286350/discussions/0/4846392474903774982/ but we don’t officially support Windows 7 at this time.

LowLevelFatalError… D3D device being lost

We don’t know what this is yet. Please help us find out. Someone posted something as a general UE4 fix here:

There’s a thread here to try and fix this:

Custom soundtracks?

We can’t commit to this as we don’t know how to do it. Though the game is 88bpm all of the programming work has actually been done to make it work at any BPM. But we’ve not investigated getting this working with Wwise.

Is this too RNG?

We will be improving this by putting the more powerful things into different pools and rooms in the future. Planning to put some of the crazy OP items exclusively into a new “challenge room” chest amongst other balance fixes. At the moment it is fun to get super crazy random stuff, but we do plan to balance the game better for longevity in the future.


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