Castle Crashers How to Get Final Countdown Achievement Tips

If you are playing Castle Crashers and trying to unlock the Final Countdown Achievement, there are some tips from other players that might help you, let’s check them out.

General hints

  • Use the input device that is easiest for you (keyboard arrows; controller buttons; D-pad)
  • You need have familiarize yourself with the maps, as you don’t want to be cornered in a dead end when you are seconds away from the 2:30
  • If you are trying this in single player, keep in mind that you can pause the game when you find yourself in a tight spot, memorize the escape path, unpause and try to jump away
  • There are two types of maps, i refer to them as “horizontal” and “vertical”. In horizontal ones each line is comprised of only two options (for example, AABB), while to switch it (moving up/down) will require you to use other buttons. In vertical the same goes for columns, while moving sidewards will require other buttons. In the screenshot attached you can see an example of a “vertical” map: the whole column only consists of UP & DOWN


Multiplayer hints

  • It might be easier in multiplayer, as the barbarians will be chasing all of you, so less barbarians per player
  • The achievement is individual, so it won’t trigger if someone makes it to 2:30 while you’re dead
  • Keep in mind that once a player is dead in MP, you can revive him by picking up a potion (which spawns for some time and then disappears if it is not picked up; in a while a new potion will spawn in some other place)
  • The potion only revives the player that was the last to die
  • If you are the last to stay alive, you’ll see a vial that’s being filled up with tears. If you don’t revive someone by the time it’s full, it’s game over for you too.
  • There is an option for a 4-player game which is described in this guide. If you’re lucky enough, you may try to get it that way


That’s all we are sharing today in Castle Crashers Tips About How to Get Final Countdown Achievement, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

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