Caveblazers: How to (Partially) Disable the Pre-Menu Intro

The flashy sword-slashing intro followed by the ear-deafening sword-clashing sound is incredibly annoying.


  1. Close the game. Press WinKey + R; this will open the Run textbox. Alternatively, open the Start Menu, write “run” in (without the quote marks), then press Enter.
  2. Write the following in, then press Enter:
  3. Find the ‘settings.ini’ file and open it with a text editor.
  4. Find the ‘[Game]’ section and paste the following into a new line in it:
  5. Apply and save changes (Ctrl + S if using Notepad++).
  1. Navigate to the Steam directory of the game, which should look like this:
    [Steam] \ steamapps \ common \ Caveblazers
  2. Find the following sound files:
  3. Cut and paste them somewhere else, or simply delete them.

By KliPeH

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