Cheongchunhyang Jeon: All Endings Guide

Hi! This is a spoiler-free guide for 청춘향전 Cheongchunhyang Jeon. I will just list the options you have to choose to get to an ending. The game is straightforward so you can get all endings in just a few hours but there are some who may want to just get specific endings.


Cheongchunhyang Jeon All Endings Guide

Ending 1: This is K-Drama!
  • Not pick up the phone
  • Who are you?
Ending 2: The other Guy
  • Pick up the phone
  • Compensate/Run (does not matter, but there is a slight difference in scene afterwards)
  • Going to cut off with ex
Ending 3: Fateful encounter

Follow the choices from Ending 2 except the last option.

  • Tour with 2 guys
  • Drink with Mongryong
Ending 4: Fateful encounter 2
  • Not pick up the phone
  • Oh yes honey
  • Let’s head out with Mongryong
Ending 5: Bromance
Follow the choices for either Endings 3 or 4 except the last option.
Instead choose “Go to House Party” for 3 and “Sorry, I have an appointment” for 4. You’re okay as long as you get to the house party scene.

  • Go to House Party / Sorry, I have an appointment
  • Don’t fold
Ending 6: Chunhyang! Here we go

Follow either paths from Ending 5, except the last option.

  • Fold
  • I’ll drink it
Ending 7: Reset

Follow either paths from Ending 6, except the last option.

  • I’ll accept someone who’ll drink for me
  • Amusement Park
  • Call Jian
Ending 8: On the bridge with you

Follow either paths from Ending 7, except the last option.

  • Do not call
Ending 9: His text message

Follow either paths from Ending 6, but choose a different place to go to the next day.

  • I’ll accept someone who’ll drink for me
  • Train Station
  • Yes, go ahead
Ending 10: Merry-Go-Round

Follow the choices from Ending 9 except the last option.

  • No, not yet

There’s a short flashback scene shown here that you can only encounter beforehand if you choose “Sorry, I have an appointment” (see Ending 5). But missing it is not very important because it was still shown properly at this part of the drama.

  • There is only 1 save slot, and when choosing to continue the game, it picks up from the start of the latest scene (though I had a playthrough when it picked up even before that. A glitch maybe?). Scenes can be quite long, so if you don’t want to keep playbacking scenes, you can finish an ending before going to the Main Menu.
  • I deem Endings 8 and 9 as Good Endings with the male leads, and Ending 10 as the True Ending – meaning as a drama this is where questions are resolved.

Thanks to manga graham for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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