Chicory A Colorful Tale: All Painting Assignments and Requests

A guide for those who want to see ahead of time what they’ll be specifically asked to paint and/or decorate. Includes Art Academy assignments, story requests, shop requests, open-world art requests, customized items, and decorating requests.


Art Academy Assignments

All assignments should be in order. Assignments alternate starting with art prompts then classic recreations. Art prompts will be listed by name (except 1, which will be noted) since their names are pretty much the verbatim prompt.

Classics go to the Elevenses Master Gallery, starting at the bottom and going from left to right. Art prompts go to one of the open world frame showcases. I’m not sure if each open art prompt goes to the same place for everyone, but I’ll list the locations I was given in my playthrough.

1) “Express Joy”

  • Location: inside the Family House at Potluck

2) “Here in the Garden” by Quindim

3) “A Cute Creature”

  • Location: 2 screens down from the Dinners entrance at Teatime Meadows

4) “Hidden Kitten” by Donut

5) “Express Fear”

  • Location: by the Wielder Temple at Appie Foothills

6) “Restraint” by Lasagna

7) “First Memory”

  • Location: by Drawdog’s house at Luncheon

8) “Cooking Cozy” by Manicotti

9) “Dream”

  • Location: by the bench at Gulp Swamp

10) “Fluffy Fluffy Sheep Sheep” by Cocoa

11) “Express Melancholy”

  • Location: by the bench at Banquet Rainforest

12) “The Wizard” by Falafel

13) “Friend”

  • Location: by the bench at Brekkie

14) “Letting Go” by Fries

15) “Express Anger”

  • Location: by the bench at Dessert Mountain

16) “A Breezy Field” by Vanilla

17) “The Beast” * – but the prompt says draw “a cool or scary creature”

  • Location: inside the resort at Simmer Springs

18) “The Bachelor Party” by Plantain

19) “Express Love”

  • Location: 1 screen down from the bench at Dinners

20) “Portrait of a horse looking back” by Corn

Story Requests

Includes the actual name of the painting once it’s done, where it’s hung, and what chapter you’ll be asked to paint it.

Prompt: Draw Chicory!

  • Painting Name: “Chicory”
  • Location: Chicory’s room
  • Chapter: 3

Prompt: Draw Yourself!

  • Painting Name: “Self Portrait”
  • Location: Wielder Tower, Luncheon
  • Chapter: 6, 7, 8, or 9; depending on your choice

Shop and Open-World Requests


Holey Design

  • Location: Holey Shop, Potluck
  • Editable Once Finished: No

Advertisement Design

  • Location: Slice Shop, Dinners
  • Editable Once Finished: No

Sweet Design

  • Location: Sweet Shop, Brekkie
  • Editable Once Finished: Yes
  • Directly edit the existing version: Yes
Open World

For the open-world special requests, you can edit them any time since it’s in the open world. But that also means no undo button.

Simmer Springs Sky

  • Location: Top of Springs Resort, Simmer Springs

Dinners Mural

  • Location: bottom right of Dinners

Customized Items

Custom Shirt

  • Location: Cafe, Luncheon
  • Editable Once Finished: Yes
  • Directly Edit the Existing Version: Yes

Custom Hat

  • Location: top-left of Luncheon
  • Editable Once Finished: Yes
  • Directly Edit the Existing Version: Yes

Custom Brush Style

  • Location: 1 screen down from the Potluck entrance at Sips River
  • Editable Once Finished: Yes
  • Directly Edit the Existing Version: Yes

Transit Pass

  • Location: City Hall, Dinners
  • Editable Once Finished: Yes
  • Directly Edit the Existing Version: No … ):

Decorating Requests

I don’t have the NPC names since exhausting chat with an NPC means I can’t see their name above their head anymore, but luckily the NPCs that makes the request are right at the location you decorate.

Drawdog’s house

  • Location: Drawdog’s house, Luncheon
  • NPC Request or Main Story: NPC Request

MAJOR SPOILER: Wielder Tower Art Room

  • Location: the main room at Wielder Tower, Luncheon
  • NPC Request or Main Story: NPC Request, Post-Story

less major spoiler: Brushflowers at the Brushtree

  • Location: bottom right of Banquet Rainforest
  • NPC Request or Main Story: Main Story

Dinners Party

  • Location: middle building at the top of Dinners
  • NPC Request or Main Story: NPC Request

Hummus’ Garden

  • Location: 2 screens down from the bridge at Teatime Meadows
  • NPC Request or Main Story: NPC Request

Brekkie Beach

  • Location: the beach… at Brekkie lol
  • NPC Request or Main Story: NPC Request

Presidential Suite

  • Location: Springs Resort, Simmer Springs
  • NPC Request or Main Story: NPC Request

Thanks to Anne Sibyl for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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