Chivalry 2: How to Turn Off Anti-Aliasing

Here is a simple guide on how to disable Anti-Aliasing in Chivalry 2.



This guide will need to edit your save file. we recommend you edit it with Notepad+++. you can download it via the official website.

You can also Google the “Notepad+++” and download it from the first one of the SERP.


How to Turn Off Anti-Aliasing

Method Credit to Steamcommunity_user/💗~💗

First find your config folder, it might be in:
“AppData\Local\Chivalry 2\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor”

In GameUserSettings.ini change “sg.AntiAliasingQuality” to 0.

In Engine.ini add this lines to the bottom of the file:



Now Anti-Aliasing should be turned off. If it does not you can set the files as read only to make sure the settings are enforced.

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