Colossus Down: 100% Achievements Guide

A guide to get all achievements in Colossus Down with spoilers


What you need to know:

  • You will need to do two or more runs, and at least one in co-op.
  • There is only one co-op achievement related to Agatha’s ending.
  • If you want to unlock everything in two runs, you will have to do one run following Nika’s plan, without changing her mind.
  • All hidden achievements are story-related, and correspond to each major decision you take in game, except for one that you have to answer three questions correctly.
  • If you read the description of every achievement, destroy most objects in game and explore everything, you may not need to read this guide to unlock all achievements by your own.
  • Colossus Down still has “Profile Features Limited” , so any achievements you unlock will NOT contribute to your Average Game Completion Rate, and it will still be limited until it reaches a certain number of sales.

Hi and welcome! I’ll be showing the achievements in this guide in order as how you’ll obtain them during a playthough and I’ll explain how to unlock them if necessary. Hints will be in spoilers, but I won’t say or show anything about HIDDEN achievements, because they’re all story related and I don’t really want to spoil you guys! And by the way, don’t worry about the difficulty of the game, is pretty easy even on “permadeath mode”, or at least in co-op.

Pardoner of lives
Don’t kill anyone at school.

Turning complete
You levelled the school.
You’ll get this and “Pardoner of lives” (if you didn’t kill anyone) once you finish the level.

I doon’t feel so good, Miss Allen
You scattered your neighbours ashes.

Come get the bread crumbs!
You scared away all the pigeons.
There are two groups of pigeons, one on the road and the other one inside a mailbox.

At 25%
MechaNika’s core has reached level 1.
Story-related, once you finish the level.

Friendly fire
You made one of Donald Tank’s missiles fall on an enemy.
Note: There are a limited number of enemies.

After the cutscene: You’ll have the choice to repair or not the recovery machine. If you don’t, you’ll play in permadeath mode and you’ll be able to unlock the “You only live once” achievement at the end of the game, if you don’t die of course!

You broke the motorbike that belongs to Kanedaaaaaaa!!!
The only red motorbike around.

At 50%
MechaNika’s core has reached level 2.
You probably have reached 50% by the end of the level.
Just follow what Nika says, and use more basic attack than special ones.

I’m in
You introduced the three passwords for access 632 without any errors.
Note: You can leave the control panel anytime.

Avoiding Thomas
You didn’t get run down by a train on the Obsoloop underground.

You ascended the Obsotech tower without crashing into anything.
The next level, when you first use your jetpack.

Note: You can crash into enemies, just avoid boxes and other objects.

Unlimited guarantee
Story-related, choice.
You can unlock this or the “Sell out” achievement.

Sell out
Story-related, choice.
You can unlock this or the “Unlimited guarantee” achievement.

At 75%
MechaNika’s core has reached level 3.
You’ll probably reach level 3 if you accept the bribe.
Note: The bribe contains exactly half a bar of scrap, and that’s a lot!

Mecha of mass destruction
You destroyed 499 things.
You may already have unlocked this by now.

Viva Piñata
You didn’t smash the piñata.
Just don’t smash the pinata!

Note: Achievement will pop at the end of the level.

Milly monka
You found the golden ticket.
In Chocolate Forest, in the large chocolate puddle, the golden ticket is inside of one of the chocolate bars around there.

2 + 2 = 4
You left the Labyrinth of Sorrow without getting lost.
Note: When reaching the end, just do what the statue says. Don’t try to beat more enemies, just wait.

100% cocoa
Story-related, choice.
You can unlock this or “Chronic diabetes”

Chronic diabetes
Story-related, choice.
You can unlock this or “100% cocoa”

You interrupted the transmission.
When you reach a huge monitor, destroy the camera.

You found the message in a bottle.
In Pixel Island, when you reach your first breakable door, try to explore everything in there. On the very top, to your left.

You overcame the digital walkway without falling into the void.

New generation
Story-related, choice.
You can unlock this or the “Respect your elders” achievement.

Respect your elders
Story-related, choice.
You can unlock this or the “New generation” achievement.

Full speed ahead
MechaNika’s core has reached its maximum level.
You probably have reached 100% by now. If not you can still collect a few more scrap after this, I would say less than 20% of a bar.

Near the End
Blood ties
Story-related, you have to answer correctly three questions.
Those are very easy so I won’t spoil anything!

The next four achievements are ending-related: When you reach the end, you’ll have to choose one of four options, each one will unlock a different ending and so it’s achievement. You can always return to your save after credits to try another ending and unlock the other achievements.

Note: You’ll only get this choice if you have successfully change all the things that Nika don’t like: You put an end to planned obsolescence, tacky stuff, and repetitive video game sagas.


Note: You’ll only get this choice if you play in co-op.


Permadeath Mode
You only live once
You completed the mission with a broken matter recovery machine.
All permadeath mode save games will have a skull symbol on it.

Note: If you die in permadeath mode, you’ll lose all your progress and will have to start again from the beginning of the game! If you play in co-op, you can die unlimited times but you’ll respawn only if the other one had cleaned the place from all enemies, so I really advise you to play with a friend to unlock this achievement… unless it’s easier to play in solo (less enemies maybe?), can’t tell cause I haven’t play solo yet… but I can tell for sure is way more fun in co~op.

That’s all! Have fun!

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