Coromon: John’s Challenge Guide

A guide to beating John’s Challenge, also known as the Triple Threat Challenge.



John’s Challenge, also known as the Triple Threat Challenge, has the following rules:

Coromon setup

A possible way to complete this challenge is to catch a level 10 Lumon from Thunderous Cave.


Enable the following skills:

  • Swarm Diversion
    The user calls for its swarm to fly around the target, lowering the target’s Accuracy by 2 stages.
  • Deep Cut
    Furiously scratch the target, making the target bleed. Has a 50% chance to increase the user’s Attack by 1 stage.
  • Desert Winds
    Summon a powerful sandstorm, increasing the effectiveness of Sand Coromon.
  • Sandman
    Sprinkle sleeping powder over the target, putting it to sleep.

Note that 3 of the 4 Skills listed above are Flash Skills.

Battle Plan

Now that you’ve setup your Coromon, make your way back to Vlamma. From the medical station, head right to Vlamma Heights. Stand near the patch of grass as seen below.

Getting in position
  1. Open settings, navigate to battle and allow easy wild encounters. This allows you to pick a Coromon from your squad when entering a wild encounter.
  2. Open items, go to usables and use a Frigid Scent, this has a chance to apply freeze on wild Coromon for 3 minutes.
  3. Save the game.
The battle

From this point, the actual challenge begins. Keep encountering wild until you encounter a level 30 or higher Pyrochick or Acie afflicted with Freeze (The Coromon will flash light blue on encounter). If not, pick a strong Coromon and run from the battle.

Once you encounter the right Coromon, execute the next steps:

  1. Use Swarm Diversion three or four times. This will lower the opponent’s Accuracy.
  2. Use Desert Winds once. This will lower opponent’s Accuracy (Unconfirmed).
  3. Use Deep Cut once. This will damage the opponent, may cause Bleed effect.
  4. Use Sandman once. This will put the opponent to sleep.
  5. Rotate between Deep Cut and Sandman to keep damaging the opponent and making them sleep. Repeat this until the opponent has been defeated.

If your Lumon faints, close the game and relaunch. This tactic relies heavily on luck, but took me about an hour to complete.


Upon completing John’s Challenge, a short cutscene starts and you’re rewarded a Nullifier Rock. Congratulations!

Thanks to Blasty for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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