Crab Cakes Rescue: How to Fix Level Set 8 Bug

Guide on how to deal with level set 8 not unlocking bug so you can finally get all achievements


How to fix it

So to fix this problem you don’t really need a technical knowledge on how anything works, just follow the steps and in case you mess something up, simply start over (or ask for help in a comment) as it can corrupt your game data.

1. Download SQLite

We will need it to edit the game file. You can use other database editing software if you know it.
Make sure you are downloading the correct version for your operating system (either 32 or 64bit)
You can find it on official website (or if you don’t trust links, just google it).

2. Find save file

On windows machines save file should be located under:


Unsure about Linus or OSX.

3. Make a back-up of save file somewhere else

Just in case something breaks or does not work as it should. Just copy it to other location

4. Open the SQLite and close the Crab Cakes Rescue (if running)

Simply navigate to where you installed/unpacked the SQLite and run “DB Browser for SQLite.exe”.

5. Drag the save file into SQLite window and navigate to “Browse data” tab

The save file database will be read and you should see couple of values/tables

6. Change level set 7 stars value to 36

In the “Browse data” search for value called “Level_Set_7_Stars” and change it from 0 to 36 then hit apply.

7. Change level set 8 status to 1

Again in the “Browse data” at the very end you can find value called “Level_Set_8_Status”. You need to change it from 0 to 1 and hit apply.

8. Save database (Ctrl+S) and close the SQLite

It is important to cease the connection between the Database before you launch the game. Otherwise the game may crash and save may be corrupted (happened to me once).

9. Open the game and beat any level from Level set 7

Just complete any level from set 7 again and level set 8 should be unblocked.

At this point you can simply complete all remaining levels and obtain all of the achievements.

Enjoy the rest of the game =)


Cheat (infinite cash and power-ups):

Following the same method you used to fix the bug itself, you can add extra power-ups and coins if you want to get it over with easier (this will not affect the 5,000 coins achievement!).

While browsing the games data in SqliteDB.db you will find couple of rows reserved for values such as “Coins”, “Grow”, “Shrink”, “Invulnerability”, “♥♥♥♥♥ze”. Simply bump those up to whatever you want and save the database. After relaunching the game you will have extra power-ups.

Bug abuse (wall clipping):

There is couple of levels where you can get your crab stuck and have to restart or kill it. However, there is a simple exploit which you can abuse to get out of certain traps like these.
In case you already lost couple of crabs you can jump against the thin wall and use “Grow” power-up, if done correctly you will be clipped into that wall and be able to jump on the other side of it.

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