Cruelty Squad: Fishing Guide

A true gamer’s guide to having some fishing fun in Cruelty Squad. Since the game is still in early access, consider this an incomplete guide as more levels will be added in the future. For now, here’s the fishing locations I could find so you could start your new career as a proper fisherman.


Getting your rod
You can’t be a real fisherman without a fishing rod! The fishing rod is considered a weapon by the game and will take up one weapon slot. To find it all you have to do is go to the level Sin Space Engineering and turn around.
You’ll see a small island in the distance with a wooden cabin. Swim over to the island and inside the cabin, the rod will be waiting for you on a table.

Cruelty Squad Headquarters
This one is fairly simple. Just head to the lounge on the left of the receptionist’s desk and you’ll come across a small fountain. It’s just wide enough for you to throw your line in a catch some fairly cheap fish.
There’s two other spots I recently discovered. One is the fish tank right next to the lounge that’s filled with fish.

The last one is a bit more hidden. In the back office behind the receptionist is a break able vent. You just gotta move the barrels out of the way.

Once you get through the vent you will come across a giant gave with some goop you can fish in.

Another super easy one to find. In the first room of the lobby with the statue, there’s a small pool to the left. Like the fountain in Cruelty Squad Headquarters, the fish are easy to catch and sell for a cheap price.

This one is a little out of the way but not too hard to find.
When you spawn, go to the yellow house on the left and make your way to the backyard. There you’ll find a pool just waiting for you to cast your line in.
Feel free to grab a slice at the pizza place next door while you relaxing on this lovely day, while your at it!

Sin Space Engineering
We’ve already been here but I bet you didn’t know that this level has three different fishing locations!
The first one is the easiest. Just turn around when you start the level and you can fish to your heart’s content!
The second one is actually on the island where you get the fishing rod. This spot here has a really difficult fish to catch and is worth a lot of money.

Last one is a little dangerous cause it’s on the front lawn of the building, but if you’re brave enough you can fish in the fountains. All you got to do is get over the hedge wall and you’re good to go!

Bog Business
This is one of my favorite places to fish because the fish here regularly sell for 500 bucks or more! It’s super helpful in the early game if you’re strapped for cash. Just spawn in the level, cast your line and rack in the cash!

Hope you enjoy listening to toilet music!

Seaside Shock
Seaside Shock is a nice relaxing place to fish. It is a cruise after all! Luckily no one will mind if you just cast your line over the deck. A real fisher like you needs no one’s permission!
But if you’re feeling a big lonely, head on down to the front of the ship where you can fish in the swimming pool. Be careful though, as there are guards that are hired to stop real fisher gamers like yourself. So do take care of them before you start your fishing venture!

Apartment Atrocity
Not even local law enforcement can stop your fishing ways!
Head out of your cozy apartment and blast the guards waiting for you there. Head left and go into the first door on your right.
Walk forward through the small wooden room and the floor will collapse beneath you. Here’s your secret fishing spot!

Careful of the fleshrat infestation, but I doubt a real fisher like yourself can be stopped by a few tiny toxic rats!

Androgen Assault
Here’s another good fishing spot if you’re still struggling to pay for those high grade augments.
When you spawn in, hug the wall and head to the alley on the right until you hit a sewer grate.

Jump down inside, swim until you find a cozy spot to stand on and you can fish in the lovely sewer to snag some pretty expensive fish!

Casino Catastrophe
This is the second best spot to fish in the entire game (for the time being) and it’s also one of the easiest.
Simply head inside the casino’s lobby and you can fish in the canal cutting the room in half. You’ll grab some coin fish that are always worth 1 dollar but don’t let that discourage you. Fish a bit longer and you’ll be reeling in some fish easily worth 500 or more. If you want to fishing spot to relax but don’t want to listen to the bog’s bizarre music than this is the perfect spot for you.

Idiot Party
I’m convinced that this is the best fishing spot in the entire game. Where you can catch fish worth at least 1000 bucks. The most expensive fish I caught here was worth 5000! So I recommend this be the spot you grind for cash.
Make your way to the bottom of the tower and find this sewer grate on the left of the stairs.
Jump down (preferably after you kill your target) and take out the guard waiting for you. You now have a cozy fishing hole all to yourself giving you fish worth the amount of cash that missions give you! You’ll get that fancy tux in no time, you winner you!

Another one that I discovered recently is in a cave around the edge of the map. walk along the mountains and you’ll find it easily. Much easier to reach than the bottom of the tower.

Also grab a free rain coat hat augment here. Not sure what it does, but it looks cool.

Archon Grid
In this cluster♥♥♥♥ of a level are two spots you can grab some pretty weird fish.
First spot is easy to get to. After you exit the massive neon pink hellish hallway you’ll drop in a small floating pond of water that you can also fish in.
I don’t like fishing here cause I get motion sick looking at the moving textures. So later in the level (I couldn’t hope to describe how to get here I have no idea what’s going on in this level) and you’ll come across a little boggy area that’s much tamer place to fish.

There’s a way to get here easy with the intestine grappling hook and swinging beneath the level and slipping through a crack in the geometry.

The hardest place to fish in the entire game, given how you have to rely solely on visual cues to catch the fish. (Unless you got the curse light that makes the game insanely harder).
First go through the level as normal until you make it to the board walk in front of the mansion.
You can fish in the bog over the board walk but there’s a second spot to fish behind you in the tunnel.

Run past the unkillable zombie think that kinda reminds me of those spooky mummies from Legend of Zelda and you’ll find a little finish spot that’s a bit easier to fish in. Good luck fishing in the dark but the fish here are worth it!

Miner’s Miracle
Probably the most complicated spot to find, but don’t worry dear fisher we’ll walk you through this step by step.
First head to the path on the right after crossing the bridge. (which you can fish off of but it’s hard to see the fish you catch and it’s hard to hear the cue so get a grapple hook if you want to fish down there)

Careful cause the enemies are pretty tough here. There’s two guards, an armored guard that only dies with headshots and a stone golem that you flat out can’t kill. Kill the guards and race past the golem inside the cave.

Once inside there’ll be a unkillable zombie and a few more guards. Kill the guards and head into this little hole in the wall. Inside that is an unbreakable wall that you can simply kick down and walk through.

Run down the hall and kill the big headed guard until you reach a room of skulls with a ladder.

Down the ladder is a room of meat and you’ll be able to fish in the small puddles of… I don’t want to think about what these puddles are. probably something really gross. Don’t eat the fish you catch here, dear fisher. Trust me on this.

Alpine Hospitality
Last but not least is Alpine Hospitality! Here you can find some unique fish suited for the cold weather. This is a simple one to get to. One of your targets is in the swamp suite that comes with a neat hot tube.
Break through the glass and you’ll have the entire bathroom to yourself since the zombie in the hot tube scared the guards into standing in the room outside.
Here you can fish with a buddy for the first time. Stand on the stairs and you won’t have to worry about being hurt by your cute little fishing pal.

The fishing life is your life.
The fishing life is your life.
Hang up your guns, kick back and get to good old fashion fishing!

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