CSGO: How to Get NEW 2021 Service Medal

1. Reach Level 40
2. Fastest XP Gains are 5v5 Competitive, Arm Races, Broken Fang Missions
3. Wait UNTIL 01.01.2021 (New Year’s Day) –> IMPORTANT
5. Repeat the Process Afterwards Will Upgrade Service Medal


Click Get Service Medal

To prepare yourself to Level 40 UNTIL the day of 01.01.2021 (New Year’s Day).

If click on Get Service Medal now you will ONLY get the 2020 version.

Some quick modes to grind XP are 5v5 Competitive (including Premier), Arm Races, Broken Fang Missions.

Note: By completing EXTRA Broken Fang for each week (after having completed the max stars for each week) you can get EXTRA XP Boosts

All 2021 Upgradable Service Medal

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