Cyberpunk 2077: Free Legendary Mantis Blades

i know there have been guides on this before, but the ones i read were all at the cyberpsycho sighting. this guide is for a different, and probably safer, way to get them.


Locating the blades
For the blades, you’re gonna wanna find an assault in progress near the bottom of Wellsprings (Heywood), with the nearest fast travel point being megabuilding H2.

Getting the blades
You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you see a trauma team transport surrounded by gang members.

Defeat the gang members, then approach the case outside the transport.

Take the item from the case, and congrats! You got a free pair of Mantis Blades!
There’s a ripperdoc not too far away from the transport, head there to equip them.

Thanks for reading!
Enjoy your new Mantis Blades, and have fun tearing people to shreds! 🙂
(if you were unable to find the blades, please let me know)

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