Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Johnny Silverhand’s Porsche 911 in Free Roam

This is the guide on how to get Silverhand’s Porsche for anyone who missed the opportunity to get it during the Chippin’ In quest.

The car is still there, as long as you have looted the Old Access Key during the quest, you’ll be able to return to the ship and unlock the vehicle at any time after the quest.


Video Guide

Text Guide

  • “Chippin’ In” quest completed.
  • “Old Access Key” acquired by looting Grayson


  1. Go to (or fast travel to) Ebunike Docks at the Northside of Watson
  2. Go to the Maelstrom hideout West of the fast travel point
  3. There is a ship behind the hideout towards the water
  4. Once on the ship, while facing back towards the hideout, there is a walk way with a control panel, accessible by a ladder
  5. Use key to unlock the container that was lowered
  6. Profit, the car is now yours forever.
  7. Confused? Just watch the video guide.

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