Danganronpa S Ultimate Summer Camp: Save File Location

Danganronpa S Ultimate Summer Camp is a new board game developed by
Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd. on Steam. here is a simple guide for you to find the saved files.


Danganronpa S Ultimate Summer Camp Save Files Location

The save itself is specifically located in the SaveData.dat file of the below path. (Credit to neildittmar)

C:\Users\[Your Windows User ID]\AppData\LocalLow\Spike Chunsoft\Danganronpa S Ultimate Summer Camp.

Note: if you do not find the corresponding folder, please enable the hidden files in the settings of the file.


About Danganronpa S Ultimate Summer Camp

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp is the dream crossover of Danganronpa characters with over 1,000 event scenes, and offers new swimsuit outfits for all characters.


Danganronpa S Ultimate Summer Camp is now available on Steam.

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