Darkness Under My Bed: How to Solve All Dolls (Ending Guide)

This guide is a video walkthrough of the game’s second and final part towards the ending : Solving all of the dolls.

More precise hints and text instructions are provided in my Achievement guide. But if you just want to reach the end without bothering with extra achievements, or if you’re stuck at one part for a specific doll and want to see quickly where to go, this walkthrough should prove useful for you.

Important note : If you are trying to get achievements. Be warned that some achievements are impossible to complete once certain dolls are solved. Warnings about what those achievements are and which doll you should be wary of are specified again in the Achievement guide.

The file I used for the video is a file with all memories already unlocked. (Details on how to do that in the Memories guide)

This was not my most optimized run, but I solved one doll at a time to reduce confusion in the puzzles and to allow jumping into the timestamp of a specific doll and not miss an important item you would need to collect for it.

Timestamps :
0:00​ Kate (Quiet doll)
8:45​ Ella (Sick doll)
13:47​ Sarah (Starving doll)
27:02​ Elizabeth (Blind doll)
41:52​ Zoey (Dirty doll)
48:56​ Tony (Heartless doll)
52:59​ Anna (Final doll)
54:27​ Ending

By Warloocy

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