DDraceNetwork: How to Add Skins

Want to add skins to your DDraceNetwork? This guide will answer your question!


1. Downloading the skins
Go online to DDraceNetwork or click this link

Then click “Skins Database”
Choose a skin you wish to download. Then click “Download” on the right of the skin you wish for.

As you can see, the file format for each skin is a “.png”. Click “Save”.

2. Moving Files
Go to your file manager. I use Dolphin.

Go to the “Downloads” folder.
Select the skins you have downloaded.
Then click “Cut”

Next, go to the “path search”

Then type “.steam/” at the end. Press Enter.

The folders you have to click in order.

1. steam
2. steamapps
3. common
4. DDraceNetwork
5. ddnet
6. data
7. skins

Click “Paste” into the “skins folder”

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