Dead by Daylight: How to Annoy Your Fellow Survivors

How to help your team mates escape the realm of entity by making them disconnect.



Popular belief is, that Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game where the survivors should cooperate.

The subtitle of the game states that death is in fact, not an escape from the realm of the entity. The best way to escape the realm is in fact, disconnecting. So this guide is made completely for you, that care so much about your team mates that you want to anno.. HELP your team mates to the point of disconnecting.

With Generators

One of the easiest ways to annoy your team mates is to use the objective of the game against them, here’s a few tips on how to do that.

1. Come to a generator they’ve almost finished by themselves and fail a couple of skill checks.

This is easily one of the most frustrating ways to make your fellow survivor, and if the killer follows the loud noise and and manages to chase AND/OR hook them, some of them might disconnect right on the first hook.

2. 3-genning

“What is 3-genning?”, I hear you ask. It’s when you leave the last 3 gens near each other and the killer will just rotate between them. This will make the game quite unwinnable, if you’re not in luck.

With Chases

1. Bringing the Killer Near a Survivor

The easiest way to annoy a gen jockey is to lead the killer straight into them while you’re in a gen. If you want to annoy these peaceful survivors by someway, do this.

2. Unhook Them While You’re In a Chase and The Killer Is Near

Especially if the killer tunnels, they will just down the survivor you just unhooked, and cause them to disconnect. Maybe the easiest way to make them escape the entitys realm.

3. Using ALL the Palettes While You’re Chased

This will make the game quite impossible if someone else gets into a chase. Will not probably turn into a disconnect, but will probably make them tilted and make them stop playing for the day.

With Hooks

1. Leaving Them On Their First Hook

Quite often, if the survivor is left on their first hook and gets to phase 2 while nobody is around, they will just disconnect.

2. Unhooking Them Slightly After 2nd Phase

This will make them SUPER annoyed, because you just basically wasted one hook from them just because you chilled for a moment to see if the killer is near, even though your Spine Chill wasn’t even active.

3. Leaving Them On Their Second Hook

If they are struggling and they don’t see your aura close, they will either ALT+F4 or just give up.

4. Leaving Them On a Hook After the Gate Is Open

Super annoying, will not make them dc (probably), but will tilt them a lot, which may cause them to stop playing momentarily.

With Flashlights / Emotes
1. Telling the Killer Someones Location

Pointing or rapid flashing towards the locker or direction where somebody went, will maybe cause them get chased, hooked, and hooked and/or disconnected.

2. Showing Somebody Your Location

They can see you without the flashing, and now you’ve wasted successfully some of your battery AND you probably told the killer your location.

With Other Objectives

1. Hatch Camping

3 gens are not done, killer is being looped somewhere, you and your 2 other survivors have ALL the time to do the 3 gens, but if you rather camp the hatch and wait till the 3 others either die or escape, you will make their bloods boil, and probably make them stop playing momentarily.

2. Opening The Door Completely When Somebody’s In a Hook

This will give your other survivors limited time to rescue the other survivor who’s on the other side of the map and who will probably die just like the rest of you right after you arrive near him.

3. Escaping Right After the Gate Opens

This is very situational, but if you escape straight after people are still running, you probably just left them to die to the slugging tunneling face camping Bubba who uses NOED.

4. Doing Non-Hex Totems While You Should Co-Op On a Generator

This will make the gen jockeys annoyed, because you wasted so much time for a extra 1000BP bonus.

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