Dead Space 2: Elite Suits Guide (New Game+)

As the title says in this guide I detail where the elite suits are once we have finished the game and started the new game mode +


Chapter 1

The first elite suit will be found in the room with the first bench next to a storage station and an energy node.

  • the suit costs $ 11,000 in the store.
  • brings 25 inventory slots and 25% armor.
  • bonus: when wearing it, each kit gives 15% more health

Chapter 6

We found the second elite suit as soon as we reached the transport node (where we will have a chat with Ellie and Stross after that there will be a fight against a Brute) the diagram will be next to the mannequin of a vintage suit.

  • the suit costs $50,000 credits at the store.
  • brings 25% armor.
  • bonus: having it on gives a 15% discount in the store.

Chapter 9

The third elite suit we will find after the monorail stops because the road is obstructed, Isaac will go out to take a look, it will be under the platform next to the monorail.

  • the suit costs $ 30,000 credits at the store. ($ 25,500 if the vintage suit is equipped)
  • brings 25 inventory space for 25% armor.
  • bonus: when wearing it gives 15% more damage with the javelin.

Chapter 11

The last elite suit is when going up with the elevator in which we will have a small fight with several slasher necromorphs, once it stops it will be to the right of the panel outside the elevator.

  • the suit costs $ 50,000 credits at the store.
  • brings 25 inventory space for 25% armor.
  • bonus: wearing it gives a 10% increased damage to all weapons and a 15% increased stasis duration.

Thanks to DARTHEVIL669 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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