Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed: Save File for Collectibles and All Missions

You have to pick up last of each collectibles and beat one mission. CAN YOU?!


Links and Locations

Back up your own save files first!

1) They can be found at:

2) Download my files from:

3) Disable Steam Cloud sync!

4.1) Replace “DevAutoSave_0.sav” and start the game.
IF that didn’t work, then
4.2) Replace entire folder and make sure it’s visible (not set to hidden).

Collectibles – Where/How

You should spawn in Bay City, where I left everything to pick up:
last artifact, last audio, last poster, last odd mission and last toilet/human hive buildings + last gene upgrade.

Orange marks – poster & audio. Red marks the artifact. Green… DNA, but you don’t really need it.
Pinks are toilet and hive building. Black is the last odd mission, complete it with all secondaries!

Gather the above and you will unlock these:

Arty Facts
Collect all Alien Artifacts

Gotta Catch All the Pop Art
Collect all posters

This Is Earth Radio
Collect all songs

Ultimate Smoothie
Unlock all Gene Blender upgrades

Toilet Break
Demolish a public toilet on each map

Hidden Human Hive Harvest
Use your saucer’s weapons to scare human cattle out of their hidden hives on each map

Against All Odds
Complete all odd jobs

The Optional Mandate
Complete all optional mission objectives (use the Holopoxdeck if you have to)

Screenshots and Highlights

Suggested route:
1) once loaded, instantly access your gene blender and complete the final mix:

2) Board the saucer and destroy these two facilities:

3) Fly to the north island and there pick up the artifact with DNA (if you want to):

4) Return to the central – take a poster (mission area) and the vinyl (hippie hangout):

5) At last, beat the final mission with all secondary objectives.

100% All Missions

Yes, you can replay all missions and try to trigger story related achievements – IF – your own game got bugged and cannot proceed further, doesn’t spawn next missions, etc-etc-etc.

Thanks to Lord Of War for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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