Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!: 100% DDLC+ Guide (Wallpapers, CGs, Secrets, Sketches, Promo etc)

In this guide I will explain the process of obtaining each achievement, each photo and secret, to reach 100%.


Presentation and clarifications

After reaching 100% myself, I decided to create this guide to help other players who also want to achieve it without breaking their heads too much or without using so much time.

There will be Spoilers, for that reason, I recommend playing the game first, and then try to get the things you are missing. The game doesn’t end until you see the credits.

The game is divided into 4 acts. The first act, is before Sayori’s death. The second act, is before Yuri’s death. The third act is when you are with Monika. The fourth act, is after deleting Monika.

To get everything, I’m afraid you will need to restart the game many, many times, and it could take you several hours. But I trust that with my guide, it may take you less time than me.


  • Good feature

    On the desktop of the virtual machine, draw several squares of different sizes until the achievement pops up.
  • Error

    Change the desktop background.
  • Buy my mixtape

    Stay at the desktop of the virtual machine, listening to music, for at least 20 minutes.
  • No

    Try to quit the game. When it asks you if you want to quit, click on the “no” button.
  • Doki Doki Poetry Slam

    In the poem mini-game, stay long enough for the music to repeat.
  • Any% WR attempts

    Write a poem in less than 20 seconds. Choose any word as fast as you can.
  • Perfect! Sayori

    In the poem mini-game, choose 20 words that correspond to Sayori.
    Personal appreciation: For me it was quicker to use my memory and try it out, than to use a list of words. But it’s up to each one.
  • Perfect! Natsuki

    In the poem mini-game, choose 20 words that correspond to Natsuki.
  • Perfect! Yuri

    In the poem mini-game, choose 20 words that correspond to Yuri.
  • Perfect! Monika

    At the beginning of Act 3, write a poem for Monika. No matter what you choose.
  • Start a New Game

    After Sayori’s death, start a new game.
  • Ruin everything

    Delete Monika for the first time. To delete her, exit the game. Go to the files, and enter where it says “characters”. Now, delete the monika.chr file and then restart the game.
  • 2-Stocked

    Delete Monika for the second time.
  • Dan says hi

    Get the “good” end. To reach it, you must get all the images of the girls. This is achieved by playing “route” by “route” and starting a new game before Sayori’s death. Once you have them all, continue the game normally and after deleting Monika, you should unlock that ending along with the rest. The images you have obtained will appear colored in the credits.
  • Thank you

    Simply by playing the game, you will get this achievement.
  • She will never be real

    In Act 3, when you are with Monika, you must listen to at least 15 of her monologues.
  • Stonks

    Look at Paula’s project plan. To do this, wait or change the time on your computer to 02:40 (I think it may be afternoon or early morning). Then go to files/internal/2/2/1 and look at the project plan. It should give you the achievement.
  • Friendship and Literature

    Read all the side stories.
  • Breakthrough

    Reach 100% in data collection. Following my guide, we will get there.


Most of the wallpapers are obtained by completing the acts of the game, and the side stories, but I will note those that are obtained in a special way.

  • Background 1

    Write a poem in less than 20 seconds.
  • Background 2

    In the poem mini-game, look for the word “kawaii” and select it.


Most of the poems are obtained by advancing in the game, and in the side stories.

I will write down the ones that are obtained in a special way.

  • Special poem by Natsuki

    To get this poem, you must write your three poems to Natsuki.
  • Special poem by Yuri

    To get this poem, you must write your three poems to Yuri.
  • Special message from Dan

    Make it to the “good” end. In the achievements section, I explain how to get it.
  • Sayori’s past poem

    Get all of Sayori’s poems.
  • Poem from Natsuki’s past.

    Get all of Natsuki’s poems.
  • Poem from Yuri’s past.

    Get all of Yuri’s poems.
  • Poem from the past by Monika

    Get all of Monika’s poems.


All illustrations are obtained as you progress through the game.

These include:

  • Write a poem to each girl.
  • Write two in a row to one of them.
  • Choose to help Yuri.
  • Choose to help Natsuki.
  • Confess to Sayori.
  • Reach act 3 where you are with Monika.
  • Complete all the side stories.


This can become the most tedious part. It is the secrets. The secrets are special poems that appear in act 2. 3 special poems are chosen at the beginning, and they are random. For that reason, it can take a long time to get them. Or very little. Depending on how lucky you are. Once you get the third special poem, before Yuri’s death, you can restart the virtual machine by pressing “” to continue searching for poems until you complete them all.

There is one last secret, which is not a poem, and it is called “ghost menu”. In act 2, once you have advanced a bit, exit the game and enter it many times. There is a 1/64 chance that this strange menu will appear. Keep trying until you get it. Make sure the text with the white background, the warning, changes. Signal that you are in the right place. Once you get that strange menu, click anywhere, and it should close by itself. You’ve got that last secret.


There is not much science here. You’ll get the backgrounds as you progress through the main story and side stories.


You will get the sketches through the game. By completing certain achievements, you will have already obtained some of them. I leave here the complete list of how to get each one:

  • Sketch 1

    Select “doki-doki” during the poem mini-game.
  • Sketch 2

    Choose to help Monika and Sayori at the weekend, instead of Natsuki or Yuri, in the first act.
  • Sketch 3

    Delete Monika’s character file before starting a new game.
  • Sketch 4

    Write a perfect poem for Natsuki.
  • Sketch 5

    During the first act, write your three poems for Natsuki.
  • Sketch 6

    Write a perfect poem for Sayori.
  • Sketch 7

    During the first act, write your three poems for Sayori.
  • Sketch 8

    Try to load the game after Sayori’s death.
  • Sketch 9

    Write a perfect poem for Yuri.
  • Sketch 10

    During the first act, write your three poems for Yuri.
  • Sketch 11

    During the third act, delete Monika’s character file before she begins her monologues.
  • Sketch 12

    When you complete the first side story you will receive an email. Read it and you will get it.
  • Sketch 13

    Get the “good” ending.
  • Sketch 14

    Get the “good” ending.
  • Sketch 15

    During the third act, press the “skip” button while Monika is speaking.
  • Sketch 16

    During the first act, ask Sayori for help during the argument between Yuri and Natsuki.
  • Sketch 17

    During the first act, tell Sayori that you will still return home with her.
  • Sketch 18

    Check the file poemwords.txt for anomalies. It is located inside the “game” folder.
  • Sketch 19

    Experience Natsuki’s “play with me” scene in the second act. To get it, write the first two poems for her.
  • Sketch 20

    During the second act, in the poem mini-game, you may see glitched text. Select it.


The promos are promotional images of the game. I will point out how to get them:

  • Promo 1, 2 and 3

    Write a poem for each girl in the first act.
  • Promos 4

    During the third act, listen to at least 15 of Monika’s monologues.
  • Promo 5

    Get all the special poems.
  • Promo 6

    During the weekend, make it through without pressing “skip”. In Yuri’s death, load the game many times until you reach the end.
  • Promo 7

    Complete all side stories.
  • Promo 8

    Select “horror” during the poem mini-game.
  • Promo 9

    Delete Monika for the second time.


The music in the game will be unlocked as you progress through the story, earn achievements, and so on.

However, there is a little secret. There is an extra song, and it will help you reach 100%.

When you have unlocked the song Candy Hearts, put it in the playlist, and listen to it on loop. In a few minutes it should change, and you should have an extra song.


Once you get to 100%, there is something you need to do. Go to the side stories tab, scroll down, and run at least once, TEST VM.

You will have earned the achievement.

Decoded message

In this section I will put the decoded message, in spoiler, in case someone doesn’t want to take the trouble to translate it.

I haven’t finished it yet, so I’ll leave it blank at the moment.

Thanks to Flair Dreamer for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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