Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Files (You Need to Know)

Here is some good information for you to know more about the files in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!.


The Combinations and other stuff I found

Meeting notes 2.txt 130

Meeting notes 3.txt 030

Track 06 name ideas.txt 123

project plan.txt 221

MESS.txt 344

DDLC.txt 404

14.txt 501

151 is Missing

420 is Missing

545 is Missing

This was recorded after I did the

Other Stuff

In internal > backup > System

There are 10 files 9 are not able to be opened

towerkeys is able to be opened it contains the following,


Access keys found so far (from tower rotation)

Key pair 1: Gear

2:40 (clocktime?)
2,2,1 (a 3-digit number combination somewhere?)

Key pair 2: Boat?

Key pair 3: Spachship?

Key pair 4: ???


Changed Time to 2:40 PM project plan.txt is able to be opened, if opened you will get the “Stonks” achievement, it contains the following



High-level overview:

1. Create human-readable version of Fabric Benchmark results
(suggesting we live in a simulated universe)

2. Emulate Fabric Benchmark results in virtualized environment

3. Build parameters for genetic iterations
(custom elevation access levels for one or more entities)

4. Iterate until simulation is stable for target time threshold
(this is our small-scale simulated universe!)

5. Observe effects of elevated access/knowledge of simulation

6. Collect/Record data

7. Pitch findings to upper management as a profitable venture
(Note: DO NOT go through Barry, go straight to upper management!)

8. GET PROMOTED!!! Jobs saved!

Possible team members:
Ro (has most knowledge/access to Commander Quantum Server)
Ravi (second to RO)
Lib (fix naming scheme conflict with “lib” folder)
Ive (sure… why not)

VM1 – Current project (small-scale simulation)
VM2 – Future project (medium-scale simulation)


– Literature = Production of text assets, easy data collection
-4 entities (“characters”)
– Small physical space – efficient for server & genetic iterations
– Highly elevated access permission creates stable connection “window” for data collection, in exchange for less realistic simulated scenarios


I also am thinking that the reason for the 0 – 5 for the combination numbers is time related

This is recorded at ACT 3 or the Just Monika Part of DDLC

Other Stuff but with Pictures

Name: MES.txt

Location: 344

Time: 8:33

Name: Meeting notes 2.txt

Location: 130

Time: 9:15

Name: DDLC.txt

Location: 404

Time: 12:55

Name: Meeting notes 3.txt

Location: 030

Time: 1:58

Name: Track 06 name ideas.txt

Location: 123

Time: 4:30

Name: 14.txt

Location: 501

Time: Maybe 2:14


Working with files in the “dekstop”

In our “dekstop” we see a lot of files inaccessible to us, in order to read them, we need to enter the game at a certain time (we can immediately change the time of our computer to the appropriate one)

  • MES.txt
    At 8:33 to “files / internal / 3 / 4 / 4”
  • Project plan.txt
    At 2:40 to “files / internal / 2 / 2 / 1”
  • Meeting Notes 2.txt
    At 9:15 to “files / internal / 1 / 3 / 0”
  • Track 06 name ideas.txt
    At 4:30 to “files / internal / 1 / 2 / 3”
  • Meeting Notes 3.txt
    At 1:58 to “files / internal / 0 / 3 / 0”
  • DDLC.txt
    At 12:55 to “files / internal / 4 / 0 / 4”
  • 14.txt – 501
    At 2:14 (2:15, opened it by the random): It takes a story abouyt Aive and Pauly

Credit to JOKERTHEEVIL and Fate unknown

Thanks to HiddenPretzl for the great guide as well as the other author I credited, all credit to their efforts. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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