Door Kickers 2: Controls & Keybinds Guide

A listing of the different controls and a brief explanation to what said controls do.


Quick, Dirty, and Simple Keybind list for quick reference.


Pan Cam
Arrow Keys/MMB+Drag/Move mouse to edge
Zoom Cam
Scroll Wheel/Q+E
Basic Aim Change
Press+hold RMB
Strafe Aim Change
Press+hold RMB and hold CTRL
Focused Aim Change
Press+hold RMB and hold SHIFT
Sniper Fire
Sniper Cycle Target
Slow Motion
Sketch Tool
Press and hold right click

Basic Controls

Camera Controls

Panning the camera:
You can use the arrow keys (or 8/4/6/2 on the Num pad) to pan the camera. Pressing and holding the middle mouse button also works, as well as just moving your mouse cursor to the edge of the screen.

Zooming the camera:
Scrolling the middle mouse button zooms the camera rather quickly. The Q and E keys can also be used, Q zooming in the screen and E zooming out.

Gameplay controls

Menu: Esc key. You can also use the gear icon to the right of the timer to open it.

The spacebar allows you to quickly pause time and then start it up again. You can also use the on screen pause/play button to the left of the timer, should your hand be over by the arrow keys or the like.

Go Codes:
The go codes correspond to their respective letter, so press A to send the A go code, B for the B go code, etc. If you prefer to have a nice ordered row of keys to hit, you can also use 1 2 3 4 to activate the go codes.

Sniper Controls:
When ready to take the shot, press the S key to fire (Or the on screen button, in the bottom left of your screen).
You can use the TAB key to cycle through different targets, should there be more than one available target in the snipers line of sight.
The aiming reticle can also be clicked and dragged to different targets. You can also drag it to an empty area, which will enable a “search mode” of sorts. If any target walks into the red circle, the sniper will automatically aim at that target.
You don’t actually need the sniper to finish aiming at the target you want to shoot! When their laser is in line with a target, you can press S to shoot right then and there. You can tell when the shot will land when the thick large circle turns into a thinner circle with an extra set of X chevrons.

Slow Motion:
Pressing the L key toggles slow motion, allowing for you to make quick adjustments or actually see what happens during a breach. [Note: At this time, environmental effects do not change during slow motion. This includes things such as foliage/grass being blown by the wind, curtains moving, or sunbeam dust. However, passive operator movements, flickering lights, and, of course, the timer do slow down. Use these to know when slow motion is enabled.]

Sketch Tool:
Pressing down right click allows you to (temporarily) draw lines onto the screen. Currently the only real use for this is for coop, allowing you to quickly communicate ideas with your teammate. [The lines are still temporary even during the planning phase, so you can’t really [i]plan[/i] with them]

Pressing the Enter key lets you pull up the chat. Recently sent messages will be visible without the chat open, and having the chat open shows all previously sent messages [to the limit of your screen, there’s no scrolling up]
If you want to keep the entire log up while playing, just open the chat with enter, and then click anywhere outside the chat box. However, this is quite glitchy and is most likely a bug. Some keyboard controls will not work with the chat box open this way [Specifically, the spacebar, sniper fire, and go codes won’t work. Zooming and panning the camera works, and all on screen controls work fine.

Ranger Control

Planning stage:

Click and drag the operator token you want to the position you want them to be in. Clicking and dragging a token to an empty area on the screen will remove them from the position they were in.
To customize your operators, press “Customize” bellow the operator tokens, and then click on the operator you want to customize. Rifle scopes and ammo type are configured by clicking the gear icon to the right of the rifle.

Basic Movement:

[If you ever forget how something works, try opening the menu and pressing the “?” in the bottom right. It will show you some short clips of some key gameplay aspects.]

Let’s get moving:
Click and drag on your operator to form a path for them to follow. If you want to change part of the path, you can click on the spot you want to change it from and reform it from there. You can even reconnect it if you wanted to only change something in the middle of your plan.

Basic angle change:
Instead of left clicking, press and hold right click on your operator or section of path. You should get an arrow with a FOV area that you can rotate around on that point. This angle change is temporary, and should the operator not see any targets, will resume aiming back with their path of motion. They will keep aiming the same direction if not in motion. If shot at, they will aim towards their attacker, and then go back to aiming where they were before.

Strafing angle change:
Right click like before, but now also hold down the Ctrl key. The arrow should change from yellow to light blue. This indicates that angle change is hard set, perfect for strafing corners or keeping watch on corridors while passing by.

Focused angle change:
Right click like before, but now hold down Shift. The arrow will turn purple, indicating that it is now a focused angle change. This type of angle change will continuously aim at the point you indicate. Previously, the arrow would default to a short length. However, with this one, you can extend the arrow to a point you want to aim towards, and it will lock on that point. Perfect for clearing rooms or going around corners.

The Right Click Menu

Toggle Crouch/Stand:
Crouching is very situational, but can be used very well. While crouching, your operator cannot fire their weapons. However, when stood next to cover, they will be protected from nearly every shot from the enemy. After the enemy empties their clip, your operator will automatically stand and take aim. Great if you’re being attacked or have cover near a doorway.

Toggle Sprint/Walk:
Run fast. Sprinting makes you move fast, but also makes a fair bit of noise. You also have to lower your weapon to run.

Delete path:
Deletes the path from the point you select onwards.

Change between primary/secondary:
Exchange your powerful battle rifle for a handgun. Sounds like a great idea.
But in seriousness, it can be useful if you run out of ammo in a firefight, or have some DMs who you need to breach a room with.

Reload Weapon:
This actually calls in a tactical airstrike, you just need to kill 5 enemies first.
Jk it just reloads your gun. Disappointing, I know.

Anything on the bottom of the right click menu is pretty self explanatory. You can use a spycam wherever, not just on doors. Walk up to a corner and use it to peak around without getting shot at.

Kick- You kick the door down. Hey, this sounds familiar…
Open- You act like a respectable human being and gently open the door. Good for being sneaky.

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