Drifters Loot the Galaxy – Beta: How to Get Started

A walkthrough for getting started in the Drifters Loot the Galaxy Open Beta. Includes details on account creation, accessing the training and tutorial modes, and pre-match character locking.


Account Creation and Initial Login
Before you can play, you’ll need to create a Drifters Loot the Galaxy account.
Making your account will be the first thing you’re prompted with in-game.

Follow the steps in account creation and check your email inbox for a verification link (passwords are limited to 32 characters).

Once you’re done, your Drifters Loot the Galaxy account will be linked to Steam. In the future, you’ll be logged in automatically.

‎Basic Training
The button ABOVE the play button will allow you to access the Training modes. The button will likely say “Quick Play” by default.

Pressing this shows your available playlist and tutorial options. Before you launch into Quick Play, we recommend you check out the Grapple Tutorial and Drift Tutorial. Pressing any of these options will immediately launch you into that tutorial.

You can also access the Training sandbox, which can help you get a feel for various characters. You can change characters at any time via the Esc menu while in Training.

Finding a Match
Once you’ve got your sealegs in the tutorial modes, you can press the same button ABOVE the play button to select your matchmaking playlist, such as Quick Play. Selecting Quick Play will immediately launch you into the matchmaking queue.

Character Selection
Once you’ve found a match, you’ll be entered into the pre-game selection lobby. Character selection occurs from left to right based on the order of names at the bottom of the screen.

When it’s your turn, you’ll only be able to lock in a character that hasn’t already been selected by someone else.

Press LOCK IN EXILE to choose your character.
Once you’re in a game, you cannot change characters.

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