Dungeon Defenders: How to Fix Blurry Textures & VRAM Limit

A simple edit of an .ini file, that fixes game’s blurry visuals.
Personal note best values are, from my 15 hour-long run are:


0 crashes, game looks like it should.


I am very grateful to CDT for all the amazing work they’re doing for DD1, without you this game would’ve died long time ago.
But no matter how amazing DD1 Redux is, it introduced a new constant issue: Blurry Textures i don’t think anybody likes those play-doh textures.
So yeah, this is a simple guide to fix a simple issue.

Based on original guide by a fellow DD1 player: MaIheX (thank you)

Steps must you take, to fix the blurry textures that you hate.
  • #1 Go to your steam library
  • #2 Search for Dungeon Defenders
  • #3 Right click -> Manage -> Browse Local Files

Now you should see root game directory

From there, go to UDKGame > Config folder, like this:

Now find the file we need to fix the blurry textures, it’s called UDKEngine.ini
Open it and find the following lines:

Default values will be different, change them to recommended values for stability sake.
Recommended values are:

  • PoolSize=512
  • PoolSizeLow=512
  • PoolSizeMedium=1024
  • PoolSizeHigh=2048

Credit to Admiral Sandraker

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