Dungeon Siege: How to Fix “Exception Detected” Error

Here is a simple guide on how to fix Exception Detected error in Dungeon Siege game.


Actually it’s most annoying error message. Cuz this message actually crash your computer (in my computer has did :/). But in the other hand it’s most easy to fix this error.

-You have to do just go to downloading location and right click on game (not shortcut version)-
-Select compatibility and then click the run as administrator.
-And ta-da your problem must be solved! (and you play in steam library as well)


How to Fix “Exception Detected”
1. Start Dungeon Siege through Steam
2. In the main Menu -> Click “Options”
3. Click “Shadows” -> Select “Simple”
4. In “Object Detail”, set the slider to the middle
5. Click “OK”
Credit to Rodrigo and kväckTwitch

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