Durka Simulator: All Characters

Description of all the characters in the game from non-aggressive to aggressive
Official guide from the game developers!


The main character
The main characters of the game Durka Simulator

He is a positive hero of the game and also the protagonist of all the events of the game.
He is an ordinary person who lives in 2020.
But one day they came for him, orderlies!
And he and the Mysterious try to escape from the orderlies but at the end they throw a syringe with a sedative at the main character.

Has super abilities such as

  • 1. Fireball
  • 2. Ice ball
  • 3. Lightning
Mysterious character in the game Durka Simulator

This character is peaceful
Helps you get out of the way and kill all the orderlies

This character has the same abilities as the main character, but an improved skill

LemurZin character of the game Durka Simulator

This character can be peaceful or attacking
Can kill the player if something goes wrong

In the game occurs after the main character is put in the cell 16

This character attacks with a fist fight

The orderly character of the game Durka Simulator

This aggressive character can kill the player.
Be careful, he has 500 health units.
We do not recommend making them angry or Game Over is guaranteed.

Head of orderlies
The head of the orderlies character of the game Durka Simulator

This character controls all the orderlies
Has 5000 health to kill does not just have a super computer
At the end of chapter 1 you will fight with him and with other orderlies
After you inflict 4999 damage to him, he will go with others back to his world
But the story of the game did not end there !

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