Eternal Return Black Survival: Jackie Build Guide

This guide goes through the many details about Jackie and provides insight on skills, builds, and routes that would be beneficial to your Jackie experience.


Ever wanted to run around with the sharpest weapon you can find at the start of the game and still be the best in the lobby? Jackie is unparalleled in early game damage and killing efficiency. You’ll feel as if you were reenacting her backstory, because you’ll have Lumia Island covered in blood by the time your match is over.

Jackie’s skill set is one of the most versatile combination of abilities within the entire game. She has a mix of high-damage spells that can tear your opponents to shreds and movement abilities that can chase down any target you set your eyes on.


Jackie’s passive is not a very interactive passive; however, it is a very strong one. Her passive allows her to fight multiple people in a row, or allows her to kill an animal to become much stronger for an upcoming fight. This is an important skill to keep in mind as it has a considerable attack power increase that both you and your target will feel.


Jackie’s Q is one of her most valuable skills. It plays a huge role in any build that she runs, whether it is used for the bleed or for the damage. The bleeding effect ties directly into her W and her E, allowing her DPS and sustain to skyrocket.


Jackie’s W not only allows her to catch her targets with a movement speed boost, but also allows her to kill them much quicker. If her target is currently bleeding, they take bonus damage and Jackie restores her own life. This bleed interaction makes her the uncontested strongest early fighter in the game. The sustain and damage she gains at an early level is unmatched by any other character.


Jackie’s E allows you to jump to a location. This is a life-saver for you and a death sentence for others. You can choose to escape from a bad fight that you do not think you’ll survive, or catch up to any fleeing prey that may have slipped through your fingers. If the target is bleeding when hit by the leap, they are also slowed. When used correctly, the leap combined with the slow can secure you plenty of kills that seemed to be too fast to catch.


Jackie’s R is the perfect enhancement to an already strong skill set. Her R allows you to boost your attack speed by a significant portion and makes her basic attacks bleed. As if the bleed interaction didn’t make her ultimate strong enough already, it also reactivates at the end of its duration and does a large amount of damage in an area around her. Her ultimate is a dangerous weapon against anyone that dares to fight her, especially early to mid-game.

Jackie is capable of using four different weapon types, the most out of any character. She is able to use daggers, two-handed swords, axes, and dual swords. Each weapon has their own skill as well, which allows for many unique combinations.


Daggers allow you to be a speedy hit-and-run menace. The transparency can allow you to sneak up on a target or it can allow you to narrowly escape with your life. Jackie having a guaranteed critical strike is a very dangerous situation, especially when the attack also does HP damage on top of the critical.

Two-Handed Sword

Two-Handed Swords are not commonly used on Jackie, but the option to use them is still there. The sword allows you to protect yourself from one direction, then makes you charge toward an enemy attacking you. This would give Jackie a more defensive and counter-based playstyle, which is not something she often wants.


Axes are one of the easiest weapons to use on Jackie. They hit hard, but they take a long time to swing. This slow attack speed often makes killing someone difficult if they can successfully kite you. The axe ability does its best to counteract this, though. Your berserk stacks give you an immense amount of attack power and are combined with the stacks you get from your passive. These two attack power buffs allow you to take down enemies insanely quickly.

Dual Swords

Dual Swords are arguably Jackie’s strongest weapon. Not only do the dual swords provide a strong ability, but the stats that you gain from the weapons are significant. These stats and abilities let you hound down any target and beat them in a one-on-one fight the majority of the time. The dual sword ability can be used to either cut down your opponent or it can be used for mobility if you’re just not close enough to your target.


Dioscuri is one of Jackie’s strongest builds, allowing for high speed and damage. The build often sticks to the left side of the map, starting at Docks then moving up the side of the map to Beach. By the time you have reached Beach, half of your build will be completed. At this point, you’re a force to be reckoned with. Once you have your Dioscuri, Battle Suit, and Sword of Shah Jahan, you can effectively fight anyone in the game if you’re on equal footing or stronger than them. By the time you are done with Beach, you should also be level 6, which gives you a large power spike. After Beach, you should head to School then Avenue to finish out your build. The build is able to be finished by the end of Night 1, which allows you to start hunting down any targets you may spot.

If you manage to find meteorite, you can also make Starsteel Twin Swords. Starsteel Twin Swords have the same concept as Dioscuri, except they have a higher attack power.

This is an auto-attack focused build, which means you would do the majority of your damage with your basic attack. You should have all three of your abilities by level 3, then your skill maxing order would be W > E > Q while taking your ult and passive whenever they’re available.

Lloigor & Zahr

Lloigor & Zahr is another one of Jackie’s strongest builds. This build allows for insane amounts of spell damage, acting as more of a burst than constant damage. For this build, you would go Chapel > Factory > Cemetery > Pond > Avenue. After you finish your weapon in Factory, you want to start fighting people as soon as possible. This build is highly reliant on the Dual Swords ability, which allows you to kill your target before they have a chance to respond. You do not want to overcommit to any skirmishes unless you are absolutely certain you can get the kill quickly. If the target seems too slippery to lock down and kill, then you should let them escape and find new prey on your route. This build tends to have many variations and is highly flexible with its route. More information on this will be covered in the Routes section of the guide.

This is a spell amp focused build, which means you will be doing the majority of your damage with your abilities. You should have all three of your abilities by level 3, then your skill maxing order would be Q > E > W while taking your ult and passive whenever they’re available.


Vibroblade is the most common dagger build that Jackie would run. The build allows you to quickly catch your target and utilizes a large amount of attack speed in order to kill your opponents quickly. With this build, you would want to go Factory > Chapel > Cemetery > Pond > Avenue > Alley. The dagger’s ability combined with the stats that you get from your items will allow you to appear behind a target and stab them to death, sometimes before they even get a proper chance to fight back.

This is an auto-attack focused build, which means you would do the majority of your damage with your basic attack. You should have all three of your abilities by level 3, then your skill maxing order would be W > E > Q while taking your ult and passive whenever they’re available.

Beam Axe

Beam Axe is one of Jackie’s strongest builds as well. This build allows you to fight very early, much like the rest of her builds. The downside to the axe is that it is very slow, but that is evened out by the large amounts of damage it can output, especially when you get a critical hit. For this build, you would go Hospital > Cemetery > Dock > Temple > Avenue. If you cannot find a Tree of Life or meteorite in order to get your Emerald Tablet, you can use any accessory that you find off of a dead body in the game.

This is an auto-attack focused build, which means you would do the majority of your damage with your basic attack. You should have all three of your abilities by level 3, then your skill maxing order would be W > E > Q while taking your ult and passive whenever they’re available.

Uncommon Builds
These weapons are not very common on Jackie, therefore there won’t be full builds in this section for them, but they are potential concepts that can be played around with and used in unorthodox methods.

Dagger: Mount Slicer
Two-Handed Sword: Hovud, Arondight
Axe: Parashu, Harpe, Santa Muerte, Scythe
Dual Sword: Divine Dual Swords

Jackie’s routes are often times highly flexible as there are so many options available to her in terms of items. If you cannot find a certain item for your build, usually there is a connected area that has what you are missing. Jackie also has many potential starting locations because her weapons tend to be finished in two areas. If one area does not look beneficial or you think all of the items in a certain area may be gone by the time you get there, you could start there instead and then move into a less populated area.

A prime example of this is Jackie’s spell amp build. You normally start Chapel and move into Factory; however, Factory is a popular starting area. If Factory is too crowded, you could always go from Chapel into Docks. Alternatively, you could start Factory and then move into Chapel. There is even a third option of starting Docks and moving into Chapel.

The possibilities are endless for Jackie and her routing, which makes it very hard to predict where she will end up next. This can be used to ambush targets that wouldn’t think a Jackie would be in the area.

Match ups
These match ups are highly subjective and will vary per person. Take this section with a grain of salt, as it is my personal opinion and will differ depending on each player and each match.


Aya is not usually a hard fight for Jackie. You have the mobility to dodge her W and you can keep up with her E by using your own E. This makes sticking on to her and taking minimal damage very easy.

If you’re using Dual Swords, you can use your weapon ability in order to deal damage while stunned by her ult. If you see Aya charging up her ult, get close to her and use your skill. This will allow you to keep moving through her and it will be dealing damage while the stun lasts, as it does not cancel the weapon ability.


Chiara is a situational match up for Jackie. Chiara’s shield gives a significant amount of protection, which can sometimes make it difficult to take her down. Her root also prevents you from catching up or running away, as you often times cannot get out of its range in time. You can kill a Chiara as Jackie, but if she has her ultimate ready for the fight, it may be difficult and lengthy.


Fiora is not a hard match up for Jackie unless the Fiora is significantly ahead. Both are auto-attack based characters; however, Jackie has the advantage due to higher attack speed and more mobility.


Hart is another rough match for Jackie. Hart’s E allows her to put significant amount of distance between her and Jackie which will allow her to exploit one of Jackie’s biggest weaknesses; being kited. Hart can also save herself using her R, which will regen her health and give her time for her cooldowns to reset. If you can get a Hart to use her ultimate, you will have a much better time trying to kill her.


Hyejin is easy for Jackie to fight as long as you avoid her fear. Your mobility allows you to dodge her spells and prevent yourself from getting locked down, which is what will allow you to get on top of Hyejin and kill her.


Hyunwoo is a very easy match for Jackie. Hyunwoo often times cannot out damage a Jackie, but he is usually very tanky. These fights will go on for a long amount of time, but Jackie should win.


Isol is a medium difficulty match up for Jackie. If you can get on top of him and stick to him, you will be able to kill him with no problems. The difficulty with Isol arises when he is able to lock you down with his stuns and slows. If you can avoid his traps, you will have no trouble taking him down and looting his corpse.


Jackie vs Jackie is a very dangerous fight with no clear winner. The only way to know which Jackie will come out on top is if there is a level or skill difference between the two players. A general rule is to not fight another Jackie unless you’re absolutely certain that you can either escape if things go wrong or you can kill them without worry. Ways to know this is if you saw the other Jackie use their skills and they’re all on cooldown, if the other Jackie has significantly less gear, or if you’re playing in duos/squads and have teammates that can help you out of a bad situation.

Li Dailin

Li is a semi-difficult match for Jackie. You can kill them fairly easily with a spell amp build, but if you’re an auto-attack based build you may have trouble killing her. She can also engage and disengage very easily, making her hard to pin down.


Magnus can sometimes be a rough match for Jackie if the Magnus knows their character well. This match up can go either way, however it often slightly favors the Jackie. Magnus can very easily escape or initiate on Jackie by using his ult, which will make the fight very difficult in certain circumstances. Jackie is very susceptible to being locked down by stuns, knockbacks, and slows, which is where Magnus excels.


Nadine is another match up that is only difficult if the Jackie is behind. When ahead, you can avoid her traps and kill her before she has a chance to escape. If you’re behind, Nadine does a lot of damage to you and can stay safely away from you, preventing you from killing her.


Sissela is similar to Hyejin. If you can get on her and stick to her, she is an easy kill. She will try to kite you and pin you down with her Q and E, but if you avoid her spells, she will not be a challenge to kill. Her W can be used to avoid your nukes and push you away, so try to avoid using any spells during it.


Before level 6, Xiukai is an extremely easy fight for Jackie. There are very few scenarios where a pre-6 Jackie should lose to a Xiukai. However, once Xiukai gets his ultimate, the fight becomes massively more difficult. Xiukai’s strength magnifies at level 6, which will almost certainly lead to your death if he is on equal footing or ahead of you. Fighting a level 6 Xiukai is not recommended unless you are absolutely certain you are ahead of him in terms of strength.


If he does not directly fight you and constantly kites you, Yuki can be difficult to fight. His kiting ability is very strong against Jackie, but if you can prevent him from running or if you can keep up with him, then it will not be a difficult kill.


Zahir is an easy kill if you can get the jump on him and ambush him, but the fight becomes extremely difficult if he can keep his distance and kite you. His E will keep you at bay while he does significant amounts of damage to you with the rest of his abilities. Avoid his tornado and stick to him and you will be able to take him down with ease.

Jackie is one of the biggest threats on Lumia Island, hunting her prey for fun whenever she feels like it. Running into a Jackie at any point during a match should feel like a terrifying match-up where any mistake could make you lose your life to a sadistic serial killer. She will waste no time cutting down any of her opponents, regardless of the methods used.

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