Exos Heroes: How to Reroll (Quick Tips)

Exos Heroes landed on mobile late last year, but only in Korea. It was a hit, which means it’s earned a ticket to the global app stores – it’s now available to download in 149 countries. here is a guide on how to reroll in the game. we will add some tips for you to start the game.


How to Reroll in Exos Heroes Game?

If you’re on iOS, u can play the game using a guest account, so just reinstall if you wanna reroll.

For android, sadly you’ll have to bind your account either to Facebook or Google at the start so you’ll have to log in to another Google account if you wanna reroll


Some Quick Tips for Exos Heroes Game

  • Highest Combat power is the most important thing in this game. Try to make your CP team Easy or Very Easy for stages

  • Two Fate (5 star chars) characters enough to start (don’t be too greedy)

  • Gears – disassemble 1 or 2 stars and get above 3 star gears with the powder. Get 3 star first and you can farm 4star slowly.

  • Dispatch – lv up 2 to 4star (all) will be used to farm

  • Gold – Do not use 1 or 2star materials to upgrade fate characters

  • Stone – Use it only for pulling

  • Dungeon & Euphoric Maze – resets weekly. try to climb as much as u can.

  • Recommended character:

Anastasia – OP healer (Infinite resurrection)

Mahar- provoke all foes, Low mana consumption

Magi – best AOE damage in this game.

Baileysche – Lasting damage. Good in Euphoric Maze

Chhatti – make ur team very stable. good in Euphoric Maze

Bernavas – counterattack and stun, Electric shock

Sabrina – AOE and counterattack. Simillar to Magi

Kibele – best legendary(4star healer) character. Great skill set, good in raid

Recommended 5 hero list for being top tier*

  • The brown haired man – useful for taunting useless without dps

  • Ice queen – high dps and 1 aoe skill and mana efficient

  • Fire chick – high dps and mana efficient

  • Healing yandere – healer and good dps

  • White and black assassin (only in clock pull) – high dps and mana efficient and speedy

  • Aladdin – high dps and mana efficient and speedy

  • Cube glasses girl – aoe skill and good dps

  • Blue long haired ice chick – aoe skill and good dps and mana efficient (only in clock pull)

  • Guy with monocle – tank healer (only in clock pull)

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