Factorio: How to Fix Sprite Atlas Errors

Recently updated mods and suddenly unable to load into the game?
Getting error messages about some strange atlas?

Read onward and fix the problem in only a few minutes.


What is this “atlas” and what is inside?

Well, to keep it utterly simple, the “atlas” is what the game utilizes to know what exactly to show when something is drawn on screen.

It contains the various bitmaps and such for all the game elements, and each of these is given a specific storage “Address” so that the game can reference that memory address and retrieve the relevant data.

What causes this error

Again, to keep it simple, it is caused by one of your mod files not containing the appropriate data that the game looks for upon loading.

That is to say: one of your mods was not downloaded or updated completely.

Okay, so how do I fix it?

This is also pretty simple, but it requires you to do some searching in your computer files.

First, open your File Explorer app.
(Yes, the one that lets you see all the files on your computer.)

Next, you need to find the folder that Factorio is using for all its inner workings.
On a Windows system, this folder can be found in:
Your System Root Drive Letter\Users\ Your User Name \AppData\Roaming\Factorio
(replace the Bold Information with the appropriate values from your system.)

Now, open the /mods folder and create a new folder named Backup.
Then move ALL of the mods into the Backup folder.

Okay, now what?

Once all of your mods are in the Backup folder, you now need to start Factorio and allow it to load.

If everything is fine, the game will load only the core Vanilla game and will get to the main menu with no problems.

That’s all very nice, but how do I get my mods back? I had a lot of them.

No worries.

Go to Load a game (not Continue)
In the upper right corner is a small button that allows you to Sync your mods with the save.
Click it and hit confirm.

The game will automatically download ALL your mods in that save and then attempt to restart.

If everything goes right, the fresh download should be complete and the game will load without any trouble.

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