Farm Manager 2021: Crop Yield Variances

Variances of crop yields based on field work, skill level and game difficulty.


Game Difficulty
Easy = +20%
Medium = +0
Hard = -15%
Extreme = -30%

Field Preparations
No Plow = -15%
No Cultivator = Not Possible
No Fertilizer = -5%
Fertilizer Type – Manure = +0%
Fertilizer Type – Liquid Manure = +0%
Fertilizer Type – Chemical = +0%
No Plow & No Fertilizer = -15%

The type of fertilizer does not affect the crop yield, only 5% deduct if no fertilizer used. Depending on what buildings you have, and how much total manure you need, you should adjust accordingly. For only a 1 time use on a small field, and you are not farming goats or cows, the chemical fertilizer is probably the most economical. However I’ve found that adding a manure warehouse and using manure is the most economical when you have a large field, multiple fields, etc.

I could not skip cultivation in any scenario, and when I skipped both plowing and fertilizer, the yield deduct was only 15%.

Skill Level
For crops that must be harvested by hand, the employee skill level determines the amount of total crop yield. When 2 or more employees are used to harvest, the average skill level across all employees working on that harvest determines the yield adjustment. This is primarily for fruits.

Skill Level 0 = -40%
Skill Level 1 = -32%
Skill Level 2 = -24%
Skill Level 3 = -16%
Skill Level 4 = -8.5%
Skill Level 5 = -0%

First crop of new season = -4%
First crop of a new Greenhouse = -4%

Interesting that the first crop produced in a new season or a new greenhouse has a 4% smaller yield than subsequent harvests.

Training = +10%
There is 1 training where the fruit yields are increased by 10%.

Manual Labor = -0%
with Chest Trailer = -0%
There is no variance from using strictly manual labor versus with machinery and a chest trailer.

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