Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: How to Break Animatronic Ankles

Animatronics tend to chase you around, and learning how to trick them into falling or making their A.I. fail to locate you location for a enough time for you to get away is very helpful and I shall teach you how.



– Chica tends to build up her pace at you over a moderate length of time.

– you can tell this by listening for her footsteps get faster and louder behind you.


1. When she is approximately 5 ft. away from you, use your running speed to perform this glitch: jump a tad to your left or right, and immediately when you hit the ground, crouch and jump backwards so your behind Chica..

2. Run away while Chica struggles to notice how your 10 miles away from her dumb hands.

Roxanne Wolf !KINDA HARD!

– Roxy can’t find you if you hide.

– Roxy is quite fast, and sprints at you upon seeing you.


1. When she sees you, run immediately.

2. Find a hiding spot if you can.

3. If not, get behind a corner while she is still running at you.

4. Upon that, move forward but don’t sprint.

5. when she is close, move back to the edge of the corner.

6. When she walks/runs by the corner, lunge right back to the room or hallway you started at.

7. If she still knows where you are, do it again.

Montgomery Gator !HARD!

– Monty is quite stoopid.

– He’s slow.


– When Monty is about to jump at you, make sure you can see him and that you have somewhere to move to your left or right.

– When he leans back before he leaps, simply do the glitch from Chica’s part. (crouch and jump back)

– RUN and get somewhere safe.

Thanks to Jet for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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