Folklore Hunter: Night Of The Windigo All Notes

Here are all notes for the night of the windigo in Folklore Hunter game.


Map of Notes

Note #1
Note #1 can be found right outside of the cabin you spawn in, by a campfire with tents.

Note #2
This note located at an intersection on the paths, leaning against a sign.

Note #3
This note is a bit tricky to find, but is located around a loop near where the carnival spawns.

Note #4
Note #4 is located at the top of the swamp, laying on the ground by a tree.

Note #5
Note #5 is located around the ruins location in the loop at the bottom left corner of the map.

Note #6
Note #6 is located inside of the ruins, and is required for the game, as it gives you a lighter and inscription page. It is located right next to the circle for the runes.

Note #7
This note is located inside of the windigo cave, and is hiding behind a giant rock in the main entrance.

Note #8
The 8th and final note in the game, appears around the 3rd or 4th night, when the cabin disappears. In place of the cabin, there is a campfire with a skeleton that holds a note.

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