Galactic Mining Corp: How to Fix Game Not Saving Issue

Galactic Mining Corp is a new rogue-lite, action game released on Steam recently. like other new games. the game appears some issues when we are playing. here is a simple tutorial for you to fix the annoying game not saving issue. enjoy the game.


How to Fix Game Not Saving

Reason: It appears in very few cases windows security is blocking the saved files.


Enter Windows Security -> Virus and Threat Detection -> Manage Ransomware Protection -> Allow an App through Controlled folder access -> Add an Allowed App -> Recently Blocked App -> Pick the game’s .exe



Galactic Mining Corp is a game about building and expanding an intergalactic mining corporation. Head out into uncharted space and discover a universe of locations to exploit for riches! Use your ever-growing profits to expand your HQ, hire a crazy workforce, obtain new drill components and upgrade everything. Galactic Mining Corp is the highly anticipated successor to Geo!

Hire more than 70 crew members with unique stats from around the galaxy to pilot your drills and power up your base.

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