Galaxy Trucker Extended Edition: Treasure Location

Where to find the treasure? Here… but of course… spoiler alert.


Before the revelation
Hi guys,

so below you would understand where to find the treasure in this game. But I would like to warn you – finding it by yourself is way more satisfying since it is basically just a simple puzzle (not a blunt searching), and quite funny if I may add. Moreover, when you finally get it, it is a nice warm feeling (if you know what I mean).

less talk,
more treasure!

Just a hint
So, might be a bit of a surprise but…

… once you obtain the quest you might find the correct planet (as far as I know) practically anytime and anywhere.

Thus, it is not a destination planet…

The revelation
Since it is not a destination planet… the only other planet in the game is a cargo planet during the flight. It is the least valuable one.

See the “big” red cross? 🙂

Enjoy and have fun!

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