Get Stuffed!: Map Objective Guide

This guide will show how each objective in each map works!

Disclaimer! this will spoil your own discovery, so only use the guide if you are okay with that!


Objectives Intro

Each map has its own unique objective.

In the top left you can see what your objective is.

And the red icons is where the objectives are.

As an antagonist or killer your objectives will be different. Keep that in mind!

Camp Valentine

In Camp Valentine your goal is to find and repair the generators to open the exit.

Click F on the generator to start repairing.

During the repair you will get skill checks that you have to hit.

That is all you need to know on this map 🙂

Outpost 32

On this map your goal is to find alien samples and bring them to the incinerator and burn them.

Terminus District

On this map your goal is to do all the light puzzles to open the exit hatch.

When you click to flip one of the lights it will also flip the adjacent ones.

The goal is to turn them all green!

Sky Fall

On this map you have to guess words like a game of hangman.

Guessing the right letter will make it show up in green and on the word line.

Guessing the wrong letter will turn it red, you take some damage and the damage for the next wrong guess will increase.


On this map you have to craft gas cans and bring them to the submarine to fuel it.

Pipes around the map will break randomly, and you will need to fix them.
Turn the valves until you get the matching value.

Titan One Six

On this map you will need to go outside, find the glowing rocks and bring them to the scanners on the map.

While carrying a rock you will get radiation, and you will need to go take a shower to get rid of it before it reached 100% or you die.


On this map you will have to go around and find codes on walls and put them into the puzzles.

The code symbols are as follows. (from left to right).
Outer circle, middle circle, inner circle, center.

When you find a puzzle, to know if its the right code, check if the center is matching, if not then you got the code for another puzzle.

Route 69

On this map you will need to match up radio signals.

You can see the different buttons you have to use here.
Red = shape
Yellow = color
Blue = line up

Kavorkian Institute

On this map you have to find the right order of pills to take in order to open the exit.

You will need to use trial and error, however in the main room you can see the pill order that is discovered so far.
So remember to go back and check often.

Look out for these pill machines, it costs 5 scrap to spawn a pill.
Remember to eat it after you buy one!

If it’s the wrong pill you will get this message.

If it’s the right pill you will get emoji on your screen and the colors will go more and more crazy.


On this map you will need to turn the cylinders so they all line up.

When you rotate one of them the adjacent ones will also rotate!

Thanks to Mr Bendiix for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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