Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: How to Remove the Cheat Warning Message

This guide will help you to remove the annoying cheat warning message.


In GTA: San Andreas, It is generally recommended that you don’t save your game after using because certain cheats like AEZAKMI or FOOOXFT can cause stability issues, so R* included a warning message that pops up if you’re saving your game after using cheats. This screen doesn’t prevent you from saving the game. It just warns you.

Simple cheats that just let you spawn vehicles should be perfectly stable, but you will still see the warning message every time you save the game.

As an alternative, you can use this mod by xXx2o1o to completely remove the warning message[] If you don’t want to install any mods, follow this guide to remove this message from your save file.

How to
Step 1
Download the GTA SA Savegame Editor.[]

Step 2
Extract the contents of the .zip file and launch editor.jar (You need Java[] installed)

Step 3
CTRL+O to open select your save file. If your game is saved at the first slot, the file you need to choose is GTASAsf1.b (Backup this file in case you break something)

Step 4
In the general section, you will see a textbox called “Times cheated” Set that to 0 and CTRL+S to save your changes.

This should remove the warning message from your save file. You will have to repeat these steps every time you cheat in the game and save since this tweak doesn’t completely disable the warning message.

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