Grow Song of the Evertree: Basic Tips

Just a list of some basic tips I’ve discovered so far while playing. Let me save you some time searching the internet. Spoiler-free, of course!


General Tips

  • Save your fingers (and maybe your controller)! In the options settings, change the options for weeds and trees to hold. Now you only need to hold the button in order to pull weeds or shake stuff out of trees.
  • Quests do not always reward you with stuff. However, Goals from Book always have something to give you.
  • Rewards aren’t set in stone — They’re randomized to some degree. If you don’t like the reward from Book or a villager, you can reload for some of them to get something different.
  • There are some rewards from Book that will upgrade your tools and your character.
  • Don’t worry too much if some Myora pops off a tree and flies off the edge of the world. From what I’ve seen, it always gets warped back to you so you can collect it.
  • You can recycle some decorations. Coppertop won’t tell you what you’ll get and won’t remember what the item has. I would recommend against it, but you can use this to get rid of stuff you can’t sell and no longer want.
  • Early on when you’re building your first buildings, you might come across an upgrade called “Two’s Company” which allows a second resident to move into the same Small House. This is a cost effective way to increase your population instead of building new homes. A Small House costs 180 Myora but the upgrade token only costs 40 Myora — That’s 140 Myora savings! Plus you can always move people around later when you expand your initial build area.


  • Time does not move when you’re in caves, your house, or visiting the Where-Ever. So feel free to take as much time as you want in these locations and do not feel rushed.
  • A good rule of thumb, is if you don’t see the clock in the lower left, the passage of time is currently paused.

Exploration Tips

  • It is significantly easier to explore during the daytime as opposed to the night. You will save much more time being able to see where you want to go and what you want to explore during the day.
  • Some ledges can be scaled with careful jumps. You don’t necessarily need a path to follow.
  • Speaking of jumping, if you time your jumps right you basically skip along and can go a little bit faster than just running. You can always use this to travel faster uphill than downhill (because you might open your umbrella and slow down).
  • Swimming is apparently both a lost art, science, and something you can’t ever learn. You are in danger of being warped out of water if you see bubbles above your head. If it’s really deep water, you’ll be warped out immediately.
  • Sometimes you can find a ledge near the water to leap out of the water and stand on. This can let you sometimes skip a puzzle or platforming element.
  • You can utilize the warping feature of water to pseudo-fast travel by having the game warp you back to a certain spot. It’s a bit inconsistent but you can use this in caves to warp you back to the entrance instead of having to walk all the way back. This seems more common if you can keep getting warped out of water in quick succession.
  • Some chests seem to respawn the following day after you open them. I do not know if this is intended or a bug, but you can use this to farm up some extra Myora and other chest drops.
  • Remember the mighty F12 button (screenshot). If you find something you really want to remember but don’t want to write down the symbols the game uses for alchemy.
  • When you’re tending to your world and want to go back to the Alchemist Grotto quickly, you can just jump off the world. As far as I can tell, this does not penalize you at all and skips having to watch the map zoom out and zoom in animation. However — If you intend to then fast travel elsewhere, this will not save you time!
  • Speaking of fast travel — Use it! It’s free and you can utilize your mount right up until night fall. Plus you have plenty of other methods of travelling quickly at nightfall as well. Route your day around these helpful fast travel tools to optimize the day.
  • Use Photo Mode to peer around corners and look into those nooks and crannies you can’t quite see in. You can’t fly everywhere with photo mode but you can go a pretty far distance from where your character currently is and see if there’s something to grab.
  • Photo mode ALSO PAUSES TIME so you can alleviate that time pressure burden a bit while you’re out exploring.

Fish & Bugs

  • Sometimes a citizen might ask you for a specific bug or fish for their quest.
  • If you don’t need a fish or bug immediately, sell them to the Everkin for their EverKoin.
  • Rarer fish and bugs sell for more EverKoin.
  • Some areas will constantly spawn rarer fish or bugs and if it’s in a cave there’s no time limit. You can spend time catching them to your heart’s content (and the pleasure of your wallet as well).
  • If you’re trying to catch a bug, you NEED to see the net icon appear or you’re going to miss the bug.
  • If you can’t get the net icon to appear, just sneak away. The bugs don’t seem to notice you until you stop sneaking. So if you’re concerned about losing a new insect for your collection, sneak away from it and try another angle.
  • Bugs will only run a certain distance then stop so you can try to catch them again.
  • Try to approach bugs so they’ll run towards the center of the world you’re on, otherwise they’ll just yeet themselves off the edge. Why? Who knows!
  • When fishing, always hold ‘S’ on the keyboard or down on the appropriate control stick. ‘Down’ reels the fish towards you. It’s not really well explained in game.
  • Glowing water is always in your best interest to throw a fishing line into.


  • Everkid’s make a particular sound and they also glow at night.
  • Since they glow, searching at night can sometimes help you find them easier in town.
  • They can appear in certain story-related puzzle-dungeons. Make sure you look thoroughly and don’t skip the different paths.

Thanks to Surumon for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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