Halo Infinite: Medals Guide (PvP Mode)

A visual guide listing the medals you can earn in PvP (work in progress).

Also covering some achievements related to the medals.



Medals don’t really do anything in the game, they are simply used to acknowledge you accomplished a specific goal/task in a PvP match. You receive the XP for completing the task, not for the medal itself.

The medals are divided in 4 rarities (based on the difficulty of achieving the task):

  • Green is Uncommon
  • Blue is Rare
  • Purple is Epic
  • Gold is Mythic

Below you will find the medals classified by rarity, then by alphabetical order.

** As noted earlier, this is a work in progress so I still miss some **

Uncommon / green

Always rotating

Capture all zones in a single life

Back smack

Kill an enemy by hitting them from behind with melee


Kill 5 enemies with launchers


Kill 5 enemies with melee


Destroy an enemy aircraft while in one yourself


Kill 5 enemies with ground vehicles

Flag joust

Kill an enemy flag carrier while holding a flag

From the grave

Kill an enemy after you die


Kill 5 enemies with grenades

Guardian angel

Save an ally’s life from far away


Kill 5 enemies with mounted turrets


Kill 5 enemies with pistols


Grapple a distant enemy


End an enemy’s killing spree

Last shot

Kill an enemy with your magazine’s last round


Kill 5 enemies with tactical rifles

Mount up

Assemble a fully-loaded vehicle of 2+ allies after honking the horn

Odin’s raven

Detect 3+ enemies with a single Threat sensor


Kill 5 enemies with aircraft


Hijack an enemy vehicle that was once yours


Kill an enemy who attacked you first


Kill 5 enemies with assault rifles


Kill 5 enemies with shotguns


Kill 5 enemies with sniper rifles


Hijack an enemy aircraft


Headshot an enemy with a Power sniper rifle


Kill an enemy by hitting them with a vehicle


Mark 5 enemies that are then killed


Kill an enemy by sticking them with a Plasma or Spike Grenade

Stopped short

Kill an enemy flag carrier who is about to score


Kill 5 enemies with siege vehicles


Kill 5 enemies with melee weapons


Earn 10 kill assists

Rare / blue

Bank shot

Kill an enemy with a ricochet

The Heatwave is a good weapon for that.


Save yourself or an ally by interrupting an enemy’s Energy sword lunge

Clock stop

Stop the enemy from scoring their final points by capturing a zone in Strongholds

Cluster luck

Kill 2+ enemies with a single grenade

Death race

Splatter 2+ enemies with a single boost in a ghost

Double kill

Kill 2 enemies in quick succession


Kill the enemy Oddball carrier within moments of their victory

Goal line stand

Return a flag near the enemy flag stand

Hail Mary

Kill an enemy with a grenade from far away

Killing spree

Kill 5 enemies without dying

No scope

Kill an enemy with a Power sniper rifle without zooming

Off the rack

Kill an enemy with a weapon moments after retrieving it from its spawn location


Kill an enemy by flattening them with the Repulsor

Break their shield and activate the Repulsor as they are near you, otherwise you just push them away.


Kill an enemy with a precision weapon with peak efficiency

Ramming speed

Destroy an enemy vehicle by hitting it with your own

The Brute chopper make it easier to accomplish.

Shot caller

Headshot an enemy moments after Marking them


Kill a grappling enemy

Windshield wiper

Kill an enemy attempting to hijack a vehicle

Yard sale

Kill an enemy who had a Power weapon and a full inventory

Epic / purple


Kill an enemy by shooting them moments after spinning around

Boom block

Block an incoming projectile by deploying a Drop Wall

Grand slam

Kill 2+ enemies with a single Gravity Hammer swing


Shock 4 enemies with a single chain

Killing frenzy

Kill 10 enemies without dying


Win a game by dominating the enemy team

Earned only at the end of the game and I’ve only seen it in Quick Match (4 vs 4). I don’t know the specific threshold but winning a Slayer match while the other team isn’t even halfway there or winning a Strongholds game without allowing the enemy team to score a single point are two examples.

Triple kill

Kill 3 enemies in quick succession

Mythic / gold

** Earning you first Mythic medal will unlock the Slaying with Style achievement .**

There are others but I have yet to earn them.


Kill an enemy by leaping over them and hitting them from behind with melee

I unlocked it by jumping at an enemy from a rock but before landing I attacked with the Energy sword and got the kill and medal. So the way of unlocking it may not exactly follow the description.


Kill 4 enemies in quick succession

Basically a quad kill but worded differently.


Kill 20 enemies without dying

Similar in look to the Running riot medal but has 7 spikes instead of 6.

Running riot

Kill 15 enemies without dying

That’s the minimum number of kills without dying required to get a mythic medal.

Thanks to eingapmoc aM ne srisialP ed euQ for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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