Haven Game Guide (Achievements, Optional Bosses, Tips, and Recipes)

A guide on how to unlock every achievements in Haven, on how to find and fight optional bosses.
This guide contains some tips for beginners and a lot of (useless) details about the game, but not related to the main story.


Small tips for beginners

You can not save the game by yourself, it will save automatically when you change of area. Keep that in mind and don’t quit the game before exiting your current area, or it may be very frustrating.
I read dev saying they are working on manual save.At the end of the game, DO NOT take off the ship before finishing all you wanted to do in the game, there is no turning back unless you made a save.
To make a save, in the main game menu, select the third choice, where you can choose your save, and copy it (X button on PS4 controller).
I read dev saying they are working on an option to restore the save before the ending.

Healing hug (idling while low life) can heal a great amount! In fact the character with the lower life will just heal until his/her HP are the same than the other character.
So in fight you can always shield with the same and full heal him/her after the fight. But shielding with a depleted one is against the shield mechanics, and your character will take more damages… (It’s not RP and I like to play RP in this kind of game!).

You will unlock a map at some point of the game, so don’t worry!

Take care of Oink!

Try to give creamberry fondue to Birble.

In the settings you can enable an option allowing you to look around while gliding:
=> In Controls => Allow camera control while gliding.

There are a lot of post meal cutscenes, so don’t hesitate to take a meal in the Nest whenever it is possible! If you are playing RP and eating at least twice a day, don’t worry about it!

In this game you will more XP with discussion between characters than fights. Meals help too.
If you want to level up (there is no need to rush levels, so really no need to use this trick), you can in the Nest just COOK/EAT -> SLEEP -> COOK/EAT -> SLEEP -> etc…

Achievements (Part 1)

Exploration achievements

1__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphic.png ¬
Hold each others’ hands and never let go

Just slide in straight line for about 10 seconds, without parting hands. It’s very easy while solo playing, I don’t know about co-op.

Flower Powered
Try on the flower boots

During the epilogue, not missable.

Hug therapy
Give a healing hug

While one or both character(s) low life (in yellow or red highlight), stop moving to trigger the idle animation, which will be the healing hug.

Head in the clouds
Become a bird perch

Idle in the grass were there are birds, Yu will sit and a bird will land on her head.

An eye for an eye
Take a spill each, back-to-back

Near the end of the game, you will learn how to make one character propel the other in order to catch animals like “flow squids”. Do this badly and fail to catch twice (one time per character propelled to the floor) and the achievement will pop. Revenge!

Life’s short, ride long
Land a double backflip

I don’t know, I just jump full speed from a cliff. It’s pretty easy, it’s a double flip only because both of them flip once!

Ain’t no mountain high enough
Reach the heights

There is a thread near the entrance north of Benadon, which leads to the mountain.

Combat achievements

Over my dead body
Block attacks until exhaustion

Shield successively with the same character until his/her shield runs out (become violet).

8__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphic.png ¬
Last minute
Launch a max-power assistance

With a fallen character (let one of the character die), help him/her with the other, wait for the spin to circle two times, and release the button when the two light bars are blue.

9__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphic.png ¬
Perfect timing
Launch a max-power double-attack

While charging an attack both together (double attack), wait for the circle to spin until the two lights are on (until the two lights are blue). It’s easy when surprising enemies before beginning the fight.

10__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphic.png ¬
Hit 5 critters in their weak spot, in one swoop

Wait for a fight against five or more ennemies, the fist time the game will show you how to use an item, which will one-shot all ennemies enemies at the same time.

11__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphic.png ¬
Shake the rust off their feet
Pacify five critters in one swoop

Easy to get with the Strike! achievement, once the five enemies down, pacifie them at once. Do it quiclky before they raise again. To do so, use the item with one character while charging the pacify with the other.

Finish the game with 3 KO or less.

Having one character down in a fight don’t count event if you don’t help him/her before pacefying the last ennemy. If you undergo a real KO (both characters down), you can exit to main menu and reload, the KO will not be counted, but you will lose a little bit of your progress.

Achievements (Part 2)

Optional bosses achievements

There is just bellow an entire chappter about strategy to beat these bosses.

Thar she blows
Beat the Beruberu

You just have to spend two or three days without coming back to the nest for this creature to appear on the Nest islet.

Back to rust
Beat the Lorudo

You’ll find it at night on Lonarow.

My little pony
Beat the Heliga

You’ll find it on Nekame.

Story achievements

Balding bloot!
Watch helplessly as the Nest falls

Like new!
Finish repairing the Nest

Second thoughts
Choose not to sever the flow bridge

Don’t look back
Choose to sever the flow bridge

Other achievements

The best ones, often goes with a nice cutscene!

Mooning the moon
Midnight skinny dip

Stay at evening or night on the beach in Chogeko islet, and (I think I selected the sunbath option on the sand) a dialog comes, then a cutscene.

Can’t get wetter…
Getting handsy under the waterfalls

You’ll find two waterfalls on Nekarow. Interract with both of them once, you’ll get a cutscene for each one.

Pearls before Birble
Lure in Birble with creamberry fondue

Give some creamery fondue to Birble, climb on it and you will go to a new islet.

In my shoes
Taste the hygrocybe rubescens

Take care of Oink! Pat Oink from times to times (each time that trigger a cutscene count), and eventually you’ll get some mushrooms. The characters will eventually try the mushrooms after a meal in the Nest, just wait and enjoy the cutscene.

Play a guitar ditty

You need to find the guitar on the beach in Chogeko (plunge in the water from the top pic, then explore the cave), and the eventually (not at the first try) Kay will make a guitar from the shell (cutscene after a meal in the Nest), and at one of your next campfire night, after eating Yu will play.

Lose a game of strip-a-bobble

It’s a random dialog after a (non-appledew based I think) meal. Just have lunch in the Nest and this cutscene will come eventually!
To speed up the process, you can COOK/EAT -> SLEEP -> COOK/EAT -> SLEEP -> etc…

A love supreme
Reach the maximum relationship level

You will get this easily while playing. But if you want to speed it up, eating and talking are the best way to tie bounds between characters.

Fill the vegetable patch

Catch three seeds for each kind of plant (Yu and Kay have a little game about gathering these seeds) and go back to the Nest.

À la carte
Taste every dish

You need to eat every dishes in the game (I don’t know about the campfire one’s, I personally got this achievement after a meal at a campfire).

Spring cleaning
Clean up the rust on every fragment

On your map in the menu, with the cursor on an islet, you can see a panel on the right of your screen. It contains information, such as if there are still rust on this islet. It will be written All clear! otherwise.

Achievements – Get both ending achievements in the same playthrough

I you only want to play through the game once but are an achievement hunter, you will want to get Second thoughts and Don’t look back during the same playthrough.

You will only need to make a save before making your choice.

To do so:

  1. Exit the current area in order to force the game to save.
  2. Return in the main menu of the game.
  3. Go to the choosing save file option.
  4. Copy your current save file (X button on PS4 controller).
  5. Play one choice with your first save.
  6. Play the other choice with your second save.

Strategy for optional bosses

Informations here are not all mine, I just gathered some useful datas from forums and Steam Discussions.

Before attacking a boss, make sure to have some balms crafted. It is preferable to have some omni-impact and omni-blast capsules too, and to be max level.

Remember to block at any time, and you should be fine.


Achievement: Thar she blows

I have not yet fight this boss myself, so I found this from N7 Reyes on a forum (TrueAchievements).

First phase easy peazy just deal damage using duo blast then duo impact.

Second phase it’ll have either a red or green aura. The red is weak to only DUO blast while the green is weak to only DUO impact

And finally the third phase is when it starts charging up its laser attack. Plenty of time to prep your shields and wait for it to attack. Not worth trying to squeeze in one more hit, trust me. I believe it attacks in two successions so wait for that second attack. After the second laser it should be stunned and you’re good to continue the combo.

Now for actually getting some damage on this unit you’re going to want to hit it with a blast or impact capsule while it’s stunned. Charging up duo attacks takes too long in comparison to having one/both of you using a capsule attack. Good luck and remember to block!


Achievement: Back to rust

In this fight I ignored the two little mobs, beacause the boss will respawn them, so I just shielded their attacks.

Shield all attacks alternatively with Yu and Kay.
The other one will throw three blast (distant) attacks in order to make it’s eye glow red, then deliver a duo impact attack to deal huge damages, and repeat.


Achievement: My little pony

Kill the two other mobs, more importantly the left one, which is a healer.
The boss fight itself is a classic fight, without difficulty.
He will kindly heal you after the fight.

Recipes – Cooking & Crafting

Cooking in the Nest

Veggies/fruits stack by five.
Healing plants stack by three.

Meal name
XP gained
Left ingredient
Right ingredient
Roasted appledews
+10 XP
Spicy appledew
+10 XP
+30 HP
Marble appledew cake
+15 XP
+60 HP
Turnovers à la Kay
+20 XP
+120 HP
Glased boba
+15 XP
Boba nut
Boba nut
Creamberry flambé
+25 XP
Boba salad
+20 XP
Boba nut
Boba nut
Boba massala
+10 XP
+50 HP
Boba nut
Veggie kabobs
+20 XP
+80 HP
Boba nut
Slow noodles
+25 XP
+150 HP
Boba nut
+30 XP
Boba nut
Boba nut
Creamberry fondue
+50 XP
Chili cheesecake
+20 XP
+70 HP
Creamberry custard
+30 XP
+100 HP
Harmony bun
+40 XP
+200 HP


Cooking at campfire

Every component here stack by five.

Meal name
XP gained
Left ingredient
Right ingredient
Appledew stew
+5 XP
Boba-appledew broth
+5 XP
Boba nut
Boba nut
Apple-berry cream
+20 XP
Boba puree
+10 XP
Boba nut
Boba nut
Boba-creamberry soup
+20 XP
Boba nut
Boba nut
Creamberry chowder
+30 XP



Every component here stack by three.

Meal name
Left ingredient
Right ingredient
+60 HP
Toriko balm
+90 HP
+120 HP
Loofacrid oil
+180 HP
+240 HP
+300 HP



You have to choose two stack of different components from three.
Don’t worry there is much more rust in the game than the one needed to repair the Nest.

Balm (to cure)
Crude rust stacks by 15.
Fine rust stacks by 6.
Shiny rust stacks by 2.

Omni-impact (damage)
Crude rust stacks by 6.
Fine rust stacks by 3.
Shiny rust stacks by 1.

Omni-blast (damage)
Crude rust stacks by 6.
Fine rust stacks by 3.
Shiny rust stacks by 1.

Tonic (speed)
Crude rust stacks by 10.
Fine rust stacks by 4.
Shiny rust stacks by 2.


This is my favorite part of this guide, and the reason why I made this guide, but certainly it is the less useful part too. The visual novel side of this game with 2D sprites and story rich dialogs are for sure the main reason why i love Haven.

The goal of this chapter is to max out confidence of bot characters by dialogue choices.
I’m not sure about the usefulness of doing this, and the impact of an high confidence on the story.

I suggest you to simply choose the answer you think the character will respond regarding the situation (and so don’t read this chapter).

Not all choices up one character’s confidence. Choices lead always to the same conclusion, whatever you choose. You will just have some little (spicy) information about Yu and Kay, so I think I will, in my second playtrough, choose every other answer in order to discover every details of their personnality I missed by choosing these answers in my fist one.

This part is still Work In Progress, I probably missed some dialog choices, so feel free to comment and I will add them.

There are a lot of spoilers in this chapter, be warned!

Main story

Accident – Earthquake

Is there anything from the Apiary that you are gonna miss ?
(After repairing the gyro, resting near the little lake near the Nest)
Yu: … No.

After fixing the propeller of the Nest
Kay: If you would please follow me into the bedroom.

Yu: Never been readier.
Yu: What if we don’t want it to be back to normal?
Kay: Everyone would be happier.
Yu: Absolutely.
Kay: What about your mess?

Yu alone at Nakako’s campfire
Yu: This is all her fault!

During exploration

Finding our first seed !
Yu: You can count on me !

Could it be the archives are… lying ?
(On the same island than the first “boss”.)
Yu: Erm… Of course they could be!

Discovering dwellings on Tsupiri
Ken: I would like to think it’s good news.

First time riding not-Burble
Kay: Into the unknown!

First encounter with the Apiary’s hornets
Kay: We can get them!

In a house on Chogedon
No but look: there’s a tunnel here!

Discovering the beach on Chogeko
Yu: Let’s do it!
Kay: Ok…. Let’s try again together.

Exiting the beach on Chogeko
Kay: We would have found a way…

Skinny dipping
Yu: For sure.

In a house on Nekako
Kay: We’re gonna need to burn these suits…

During meal in the Nest

First cooked meal in the game

Fist time eating harmony bun
Kay: Wanna bet?

Fist time eating creamberry fondue
Kay: You ain’t seen nothing yet!

After a meal in the Nest

Lazing around in bed after lunch
(Dialog in bed)
Kay: Alright! Let’s get to it!

Wouldn’t you want to meet your mate?
(Dialog on the sofa)
Kay: Then no.

First time playing Alpha Zooloolum
Yu: Can’t we just learn them while playing?

Second time playing Alpha Zooloolum
Yu: I’ll do the Governor thing.

Reading the Illustrated Erotica Handbook
(Lazing around in bed after lunch)
Yu: Ok.

While sleeping in the Nest

Do you have any idea what time it is ?
Kay: Not really.

Your feet are freezing!
Yu: Ok. Go ahead.

At campfire

Yu’s first shooting star (2nd try)
Yu: Ok! What do I do?

Level up

Our first level up ! Level Up 1 => 2
Yu: It wouldn’t have change a thing.

Level Up 2 => 3
Kay: Because you asked me to!
Kay: Honestly? No.

Level Up 3 => 4
Yu: We press on! Press on!
Yu: I unbutton his pants.

Level Up 4 => 5
Nothing ?

Level Up 5 => 6
Yu: I like it here…
Kay: Not on Truth..

Level Up 6 => Max
Nothing ?

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