Haydee 2: How to Get Masks Off & Double Kill Achievement

A guide to help with the Achievements Masks off and Double Kill.


Recommended setup

Here are the items I Recommend bringing to do this achievement.

Recommend HP: 100
Recommend Item: 8 MedKits
Recommend Weapons: Riffle or Shotgun
Recommend Upgrades:Damage, Recoil, Ammo, Fire rate
Recommend Difficulty:Softcore

Just so you know this is what I recommend, but it is possible to do it with fewer items.

My setup

And here is every item I used on my run

HP: around 75
Item: 6 MedKits
Weapons: Riffle
Upgrades: Recoil, Ammo, Fire rate

Getting Ready – Before The Dark Room Blue liquid and Green liquid

Now before we can start this, there is a few things you need to have before we can begin, So I will show where you can find them and where they are located. Well Only the necessary item

if you need help I recommend using the amazing map guide by Vanessa

Here are they in list form

  • Light Blue key Card
  • Red liquid
  • Green liquid
  • Blue liquid
  • Hammer

This is everything for the achievement, You can figure out the rest

ok Lets go

Step 1:

get the light blue key inside the pool on the pool area you need to find the white key then grab the knife inside the kitchen after this go to the tickets area (habitat map) and use the knife there, and You also need the medical scissors….good luck

Enemies in the Room: 1 slasher and 1 clicker
Step 2:

Go to the morgue on the medical area you already know where its, inside there one clicker with he’s back turned on you and a lock door use the light blue key card, Be careful inside there another Clicker kill him and you will find the Green liquid inside.

Enemies in the Room: 2 clicker
Step 3:

Now go to the Drugstore and grab the blue liquid, again you need the light blue key card

Enemies in the corridor: 2 clicker
Enemies in the Room: 0
Step 4:

Now you need to find the wrench then go back to the very first room, and you also need to have found the night vision goggles, sorry but I can’t help you with those item they are connected to a bunch of other items and puzzles.
But finding where you need to go is easy once you have everything, if you don’t then you need to explore a little more

Enemies in the way: 4 clickers and 2 slashers

Getting Ready – Dark Room and Workshop

Step 5:

Once inside the Dark room (technical L1) go forward and turn right, you will see the stairs, go down there is two clickers here if you use one land mine the clicker with his back on you will not turn hostile

(In this image I already did that)

Enemies in the room: 2 clickers
Step 6:

Now on the lower part turn around and go forward here you will need the night vision goggles to see anything.

hint hint: The storege room is a safe zone

Step 7:

Go inside and do what you need to do, leave and turn right,(here you will find 3 clickers, deal with them in however you see fit) Turn right again and then left and before you go inside the door turn around grab the power core

Enemies in the room: 3 clickers
Step 8:

here you petty much just go into a straight line, there is not many ways you can go just follow the the way, (oh and watch your step) Until you find the stairs and go all the way up to level 3.

Step 9:

Now turn right go and inside the big door go forward and you will find the workshop to your right and some stairs to you left(remember the workshop is an import save zone)

Step 10:

Do whatever you need to do in the workshop, now go back through the same big door you came from go forward, Here you will find one clicker and one Slasher deal with them. (if you turn around you will find a power core don’t pick up just yet)
Go forward and find the door on the furthest part of the room go inside(pipe Control), in this room you will find and another clicker and behind it, you will find a land mine (if you don’t have any disarm this one and pick up)
turn the valve and go through the door.

Enemies in the room: 1 clicker and 1 slasher
Enemies in the room: 1 clicker
Step 11:

Now do the same thing you did in step 5 BUT turns left, inside you will see the depot get ready for a big fight

Step 12:

Getting inside turn left to the stairs, watch out here it comes one slasher, now turn right be careful two clickers here, turn left across the mini bridge now turn right, behind you a slasher, now turn back and go forward and turn right another clicker and right behind it you find the hammer.

Enemies in the room: 5 clicker and 2 slasher

Double Kill – The Red Liquid

Step 13:

Go back to the workshop and grab a land mine leave and go up the stairs, well lets do double kill first since we need the room clean to do masks off.

Step 14:

Once you get to the top of the stairs, go inside the door immediately turn left up the stairs again (careful with the clicker) get to the top inside the room, you will see two clickers, the one on the higher part of the room will turn hostile once it sees you, the other looking at the soda machine will only turn hostile if you shoot. Let the clicker on the higher part get hostile stay close to the one looking at the soda machine once the hostile clicker get down of the stairs wait just a bit and put a land mine. And boom double kill.

Enemies in the room: 2 clickers
Enemies in the hall: 2 clickers
Step 15:

Now instead of immediately turning left, turn right (careful with the clicker) (again) there is broken wall use it hammer, there is a clicker not hostile.
Now go to “plastics” is easy to find, 2 clickers you know what to do, on the higher platform on the table you will find the Red liquid.

Enemies in the room: 1 clicker no hostile

Masks Off – Took you long enough

Step 16:

We are here, anyway go back to the workshop, because you need to get ready to do this. Now is you sup to decide you if you’re going to use the rifle or the shotgun or something else if you are crazy like that. here are the items I have on my box, ALSO SAVE HERE SO YOU CAN RETRY. Also fun fact you can have the mask on your inventory/box, as long you don’t put in your face hole

Step 17:

Now here is what you need to do, put everything you can inside your box and take light blue key card, blue liquid on key 1, green liquid on key 2, red liquid on key 3,  (you can place it in whatever order you want actually), medkit 6 key 4 (if you have more pick up, since with only 6 you are going to end up using all of them) and equip you rifle/shotgun. now open the menu and place you mouse on the same spot here the light blue key card, because as long you don’t open the menu the mouse won’t move this is useful to us.


Disclaimer: I will be using the gas mask for the sake of taking pictures for the guide, but in the end you can see the achievement on my actual playthrough
Step 18:

Go back to the room where we got the double kill achievement go to the door and press the button once inside you need to check on your HP to see in which moments you need to use your medkits, I will try to give you an estimated time but is all up to and your reflexes, also as I said I was with about 75 HP so if you have more or less HP your timing maybe different, also you need to aim for the head while you camera shake.

Step 19:

Go inside turn Left as fast as possible and go, turn left as soon as you can (use medikit), kill the clicker one headshot the other shot can be anywhere else (if you have the damage upgrade he dies with one headshot), go inside the door it was guarding, (use medikit) kill the clicker
go to the door right next to it, you need to use the keycard since you mouse is already on the key card in the menu just put your mouse over the scanner(use medikit), open menu double click get inside fast, aim and kill the clicker inside fast, go to the tube holder press 1 2 3 and 4 (MEDIKIT)
press interact [default E], pick up the white tube and go back the way you come, use the two remaining medikits to stay alive.

Mission Complete
Step 20: Finish the game

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