Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1: How to Trap Birdman

here is a guide on how to trap the birdman in a room in his house so you dont have to deal with him


items you need:
blue key(this will get you the last 2 items you need)
blue lock
propeller hat

then go to the broken ladder that leads to the crowbar/gate controll room without being seen by birdman.

go to the crowbar/ gate room, fly up to the window with the propeller hat. when your on the windowsill take off the propeller hat so you dont attract birdman too early. break the boards with the crowbar then throw everything but the blue lock into the yard below. press one of the keypad buttons so birdman will try to stop you then go to the corner behind where the door will open then let birdman do the code and walk in and when birdman is inside then close the door and left click to put the lock on the door. then either let birdman throw you out or jump out the window your self. now birdman is trapped and so you can do whatever you want

now what?
now what? what do you mean you have his whole house minus one room to yourself! heres some fun stuff to do in the house or to birdman.

trash jail

pick up as much trash as you want to fill birdmans cage with and then throw it into the window that you flew through. its best to be in the middle of the ladder and fence and aim towards the middle of the window. then keep doing that if you want and then he is trapped with his favorite toy so you arent a monster.

you could do the same thing with the jars or boxes and traffic cones or whatever

burn stuff

some fun things to throw in the fire:
the blue key (birdman is trapped forever now)

those are the most fun

alternatively you could play more of a twisted version of sink or float:
burn or not: throw stuff into the fire and see if it will burn or not

fly around

whether you got the propeller hat just for this or you had it before, flying around is still fun

try to figure out how birdman keeps settting up those annoying trash-trumpet-turrets from his cage

the title just explained it

explore the map

try to find secret items and stuff!

spy on birdman

try using the drone! but beware birdman can destroy your drone with his bare hands if you keep messing with him. i have no idea where the drone goes

come up with your own fun things to do when birdman is gone!

you dont have to do only the things i say! come up with your own fun things to do and comment it if youd like! i might even add it to another section!

my favorite picture of all time

i used rope to trip birdman and took a screenshot at the same time and now i use it as my wallpaper and a whole ton of stuff!

stuff other people do/want to do when birdman is trapped
this is where i will put your commented ideas for stuff to do when birdman is trapped! i will include your username unless you ask me not to

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