Hollow Knight: Mr. Mushroom Locations

Who is the Herald, and how do you help him pass on? Step-by-step Mr. Mushroom locations.


Starting Mr. Mushroom’s Quest

The Passing of the Age achievement is one of the hardest to get without a guide – even Hunter’s Mark and the Steel Soul achievements are explained more thoroughly by their descriptions. In order to get this achievement, you will need to speak with an NPC seven times, in order, in seven hidden locations, with a specific charm equipped.

This guide will show you how to find Mr Mushroom, but if you’d rather find him by yourself, just read the next section, which explains where to find an in-game resource that hints at his location.

Mr Mushroom can only be found once all of the Dreamers have been killed, so make sure you’ve swatted Herrah, Lurien, and Monomon before you set out to find our fungal friend.

Spore Shroom: Your new favorite charm!

In order to understand his mushroom language, you will need to find and equip the charm Spore Shroom each time you interact with Mr Mushroom, or the interaction won’t count and he won’t move on to the next location. The charm is found in the Fungal Wastes.

Wait, just give me a hint instead.

Rather figure out where to go by yourself? You will need to equip the Spore Shroom charm, then head to Kingdom’s Edge to find a relic tablet that offers clues to his locations.

The tablet is hidden in a secret room inside of a secret area:

A breakable floor nearby Nailmaster Oro’s house will take you to an area with several more breakable floors, and an interactable crack in a wall which leads to a very, very long room. The very bottom of this room holds a large rock containing 420 Geo, and the tileset matches that of the Ancient Basin.

Closer to the top of this long room should be a spot where the Kingdom’s Edge music fades out, and the tileset becomes more generic.

Up and to the right in the above screenshot is the entrance to the secret relic tablet room.

With Spore Shroom equipped, you will be able to read this tablet, which gives hints to the location of Mr Mushroom.

Tablet text:
“Spawn of self, their minds unite,
Aside the source of acid blight,
Aglow in darkest, winding depths,
Winds all howl above fossilstone steps,
Monarchflys in air set still,
To Root’s domain and snail once shrill,
Path of Wyrm, at new lands entered,
There journeys end. The kingdom ventured.”

Note that there are only seven Mr Mushroom locations, corresponding to the first seven lines of the poem.

Mushroom Locations

Each of these locations must be visited in order, with the Spore Shroom charm equipped. At each location, you will hit him with your nail to get him to talk to you, and run through his dialogue until he burrows into the ground and leaves.

Location 1: Fungal Wastes

This is the first place Mr Mushroom appears, right where Cornifer is sitting in the Wastes by Queen’s Station.

Map location:

Location 2: Kingdom’s Edge

This location is in the far left area of Kingdom’s Edge, in the room between Isma’s Grove and The Hive. The Tram Pass is required to access this area.

Map location:

Location 3: Deepnest

Mr Mushroom then appears in Deepnest, in the room where you encounter Galien.

Map location:

Location 4: Howling Cliffs

You will now have to get to the Howling Cliffs. Mr Mushroom can be found in the house of Nailmaster Mato. (If this is the last thing you are doing before the final boss, I recommend placing a dream gate just outside, as we will be back here one or two more times.)

Map location:

Location 5: Ancient Basin

Pop back down to the Ancient Basin, and talk to the mushroom just past the Broken Vessel boss room, right before where the Monarch Wings are acquired.

Map location:

Location 6: Fog Canyon/Queen’s Gardens

The map says this one’s in Fog Canyon, but the tileset is for QG. Either way, it’s right beneath the Overgrown Mound.

Map location:

Final location! King’s Pass

Tired of backtracking yet? This is the last one. Dream gate back to the Howling Cliffs, and Mr Mushroom can be found right at the bottom of King’s Pass where the game starts. Talk to him one last time, and he will fly away……

Map location:

Finishing Up

Now that he’s left, the only thing left to do is finish the game! Once Mushroomquest has been completely fulfilled on a save file, the Passing of the Age cutscene and achievement will trigger after any (and every) ending, following the credits.

Happy mushroom hunting!

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